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National Laws

The list below displays the national laws implementing the UCP directive.
To see the implementation of the UCP directive article by article go to "UCP Directive".
Name Adoption date In Force date Version
Consumer Protection Act 15/03/1998 26/02/1998
Law on the Protection of Consumers against Unfair Commercial Practices 31/05/2007 16/06/2007 EN SL

Enforcement System

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National ID Common name Subject Directive article Decision date Decision type
Decision of 13 March 2008 games of chance Article 5 2.
Article 6 1.
Article 7 1.
13/03/2008 Supreme court decision
Sodba II U 353/2012 free Article 6 1. (d)
16/01/2013 Administrative decision, first degree
UPRS I U 2181/2009 price reductions Article 5 4. (a)
Article 6 1. (d)
10/11/2010 Court decision in appeal

Legal Literature

Reference Title Author Date
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Pravna praksa, 2012, no. 1, page 22 Amendment ZVPot-E and a new period of warranty regulation M. METELKO 2012

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