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Directive article Annex I al1 4.
National ID MD 2013:7
Country Sweden Decision date 30/04/2013
Common name Decision type Court decision in appeal
Court Marknadsdomstolen Plaintiff(s) The Consumer Ombudsman (sw. Konsumentombudsmannen)
Court translation The Swedish Market Court Defendant(s) Z.M. with registered name Maxi Elit Norrköping
Subject black list
Keywords administrative authorityauthorisationendorsement

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Marketing products without the mandatory permission from the competent authority constitutes a blacklisted commercial practice.


The defendant had marketed diet- and health products on its website. The products contained ingredients classified as pharmaceuticals but the products were not approved or registered by the Medical Products Agency. This was a behavior contrary to law.

Legal issue

Does advertising and marketing products without the mandatory permission of the competent authority constitute a blacklisted commercial practice?


The court found that the products should be considered pharmaceuticals and since the Medical Products Agency had not approved or registered the sale of the products, the marketing thereof constitutes a blacklisted commercial practice as it was claimed that the product was authorized by the competent public body.

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The marketing was found to constitute unfair marketing practice and the plaintiff was granted its request.

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