How to respond a request for a new access profile in Traces NT

Good to know: When requesting access, please bear in mind that the first user requesting access within a given organisation is given the role Admin. This means, the user who first requests access will be managing (validate or delete) the requests of all other users from their own organisation.The authorised person in the authority or CA/CB validating the first user can also remove the admin rights. In some specific cases however, the national authorities will want total control over the access requests and will not allow any user to validate their colleagues.

  1. Open the Traces NT page here: and click on Log into Traces.

  2. On the horizontal menu, click Organisations> Users.

  3. Then, click on Search pending requests.
  4. >>> From the list, click on the name of the user you want to manage.

  5. Look for the previous pending request and click on the green check.

    Note:  If you wish to grant or remove Administrator rights to a specific user role, click the button next to the user's role request. This will grant or remove admin rights for the corresponding profile and role.
    - The button is blue: This allows this user to grant or reject further requests from users asking for the same role;
    - The button is white: the user cannot grant or reject role requests from their colleagues;

  6. Do not forget to click the button Save changes to confirm your modification. Otherwise, the actions you just performed will not be completed.

You have validated the user request.