For import of products from organic production into the European Community (COI) The main objective of the certificate is to enhance traceability of imported organic products and reduce potential fraud. If you intend to import an organic product into the European Union you will have to comply with EU legislation and in particular both organic and general food legislation. Importers, exporters, producers and consignee of organic products must register with a control body or control authority.

All consignments of organic products imported from countries outside the EU, excluding the European Economic Area and/or Switzerland, must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection. The certificate can be initiated by the importer, the exporter or the control body/authority of the exporter. It needs to be issued by the control body of the exporter, which is: a control body recognized by the EU (see Commission Regulation (EU) No 2016/1842, Annex IV); the control authorities or control bodies authorised by a country recognised by the EU (see Commission Regulation (EU) No 2016/1842, Annex III); The original certificate of inspection must be presented together with the imported organic products to the relevant Member State's authority. Usually it will be the authority at the point of entry, in any case the point from which you seek release the goods for free circulation into the Union. The Certificate of inspection and the Extract of the certificate of inspection are currently used.