Certify the reception of goods

As a final step a user registered for the first consignee mentioned in Box 12 of a COI with status "Consignment verified" needs to sign the certificate in box 21 and so certify the reception of the goods

  1. In the upper-left menu, click Certificates and select COI from the list.

  2. On this page, you can you can search for the COIs you need to treat.
  3. Click the COI reference number.
  4. On the certificate page, verify that the goods were received in accordance with the conditions specified in the regulation.
  5. And go to box 21. to sign the reception of such goods. Click on Sign declaration as [First consignee].

The COI has now reached its final state.

In case there have been some irregularities, please enter the reference used in OFISClosed Organic Farming Information System in the box "irregularities in OFIS". This needs to be previously indicated by the verifying authority.

Tip: Do not hesitate to open the PDF version of your certificate, and print it.