How to Endorse a COI

The COI can only be endorsed by a user registered for the Border Control Post mentioned in box 9 of the COI or a user registered for the superior authority (in most cases a CCA) of the mentioned BCP.

1. To access the COI that needs to be endorsed, click Certificates and select COI from the list in the upper-left corner of the menu, alternatively, you can find this in the list "My pending certificates:

2. If you go via the menu, you access the search page, where you can search for the COIs you need to treat:

3. From the list, choose the certificate you want to verify and click on its reference number:

4. If need be, you are still able to update box 12, First Consignee, where you can add the name of the first consignee or change the purpose from "To first consignee" to "To be released in batches" (or vice versa):

For further information on base for extract and Extract COIs, visit the dedicated page.

5. Before signing, you can also add a Means of Transport after border control post. Please note that this is not a requirement

6. Specify the results of your Documentary and ID checks as Acceptable, Not Acceptable, or Not Done and specify also the results of the Physical Checks and Laboratory Test.

If a corresponding Health certificate exists in TRACES NT, its Reference can also be found here

7. If the consignment needs to go through a customs procedure, Customs warehousing or for Inward processing, this needs to be indicated in box 19. Please note that you need to complete the fields in this box, if one of the options is chosen. Then enter the Customs Declaration Reference or Number for customs warehousing or inward processing and click on Start customs procedure.

In case one of the options is clicked by accident, please click the "clear all" button to delete the selection. Otherwise you won't be able to sign the certificate.

8. Finally, you need to filling in the Verification of the consignment and endorsement by the relevant Member States competent authority in Box 20. Please enter the conclusion and state if this certificate is Clearable, Clearable as conventional, or Not clearable.

Clearable The product is released for free circulation as organic
Clearable as conventional Consignment is released for free circulation as conventional, NOT as organic
Not clearable Consignment cannot be released for free circulation in the EU


Then click on the blue button "Sign Declaration as"

Note: If irregularities/infringements are detected, you can access OFIS for the declaration by clicking the yellow button "Notify irregularities". This will open another page where you can complete the OFIS declaration