How to Issue a COI

The COI needs to be issued by the organic control body that certifies the exporter in box 4 of the COI

1. Issuing a COI with status "Description completed"

If an importer or exporter has completed boxes 1-17 and has submitted the COI to the issuing body/authority indicated in box 1, a user attached to this issuing body/authority will receive a notification from TRACES NT that a certificate has been submitted and needs to be validated. The user can access the COI to be issued via the link in the notification or search for it.

1. The certificate opens, with all boxes in yellow. This means you can modify them.

Before signing the Declaration, please make sure the certificate is accurate, and modify some fields when necessary.

2. Then scroll to the box "For control body or authority issuing the certificate"to fill in the Physical and Documentary checks. Specify if the results of these checks have been Not Acceptable, Not Done or Acceptable.

3. Go to Box 18, read the Declaration thoroughly and click Sign the declaration (in blue box) as Issuing Body.

The information in Box 18 is automatically filled to match the information from Box 1.

Note: As long as the COI is not issued, the CB/CA user can still modify all fields and add or remove data. As soon as the CB/CA user issues the certificate, no changes are possible. If you spot a mistake at this point, a new certificate needs to be created using the "copy as replacement" function.

You can also delete certificates that have been create by mistake:

Note: Exceptions are Boxes 9 and 12. They can be changed in TRACES NT, after the certificate has been issued. In that case the COI does not need to be re-issued and the discrepancy between the printed PDF and the information in TRACES.NT is acceptable.