How to search for a COI or an Extract

Click on Certificates in the menu and select COI.

You get to the Search page. If you have the COI Reference number, you can add this into the search field and click on the search button. If you are looking for several COI or you are not sure, what COI exactly you are looking for, click on Advanced search, which gives you the option to search for COI with different parameters.

You can search for the COI certificates, but also for created Extract COI. Select for example the certificate status "Description Completed"and click on Search.

The certificates matching your search criteria are displayed
Choose one and click on the COI reference number, which opens the certificate.

Note: If the result list is too long, you can narrow down the search by selecting the country of export, a commodity, country of origin, etc

Note: Depending on the valid roles of your profile, selecting a COI or Extract COI status may not return any search results, as the permission to see a certificate in a specific status is linked to the permissions given to specific roles.