Create a new Operator in TRACES.NT

In case you cannot find an operator in the system, for example, when you request a new role in the system or when you are filling a certificate you can register new operators following the steps below. Such newly registered operators need to be validated by their corresponding authority or control body to be fully usable.

Note: Before creating a new operator, please make sure your organisation hasn't already been registered in the system.

Note: In the following examples, the operators have been created for the organic domain - COI certificate. Some fields can be different when you create a new operator for a different domain in TRACES.NT.
Please keep in mind that the system has not been designed for the sole use of certifying organic imports. Other TRACES certificates are available and will be added in the future. Therefore, not all options you see in the search screens or entry forms are relevant to an 'organic domain' user.

Tip: If your organisation has several activities, you shouldn't create a new operator for each activity but instead contact the responsible authority (or CBClosed Control Body ) and ask them to add another activity to the same operator user. Alternatively, once you have been validated as administrator for your operator, you can add additional activities to your company in TRACES NT.

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