Getting Started

Any person who needs to use TRACES NT needs to register personally as a user and request a role. This role corresponds to the position you are occupying in real life:

  • A person working as a customs officer, would request a role as authority,
  • A person working for an economic operator requests a role as operator,
  • A person who works for an organic control body requests a role as organic control body
  • etc.

The registration process to TRACES NT is split into two steps.

Note: The EU Login account should be created in the name of a physical person. In TRACES NT, no collective user accounts can be created. When signing any certificate, the registered of the EU Login account will appear inside the signature boxes. Therefore, please make sure that any person who needs to sign a certificate in TRACES has their own personal account in EU Login AND TRACES NT

Note: All new user requests that are registered in TRACES NT need to be validated before the user has access to the certificates and the rest of the TRACES NT functions. Who validates the requests depends on the type of role request and the certificate you will need to use. If in doubt, please contact the competent authority in your country.

If you are in need of a Web-Service access, please read the information about request, validation and rejection of Web-Service accesses

Once the access is validated, the user needs to log in to TRACES NT again and can start creating or consulting the certificates:

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