Welcome to SWIM - the portal for managing grant applications and grant agreements from the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion DG of the European Commission

Follow-up of your grant applications and grant agreements

Log in to SWIM using your ECAS account to manage your grant agreements or the grant applications that you are preparing. You can modify, save and submit your grant application until the call for proposals deadline. Once you have been awarded a grant, you can access the financial and technical implementation reports you will need to fill and submit online when your action project finishes.

Keep in mind that this authentication system will be removed by the end of 2013. Once you have logged in, please follow the instructions to link your application with your ECAS account.

Application ref. Example: VP/2009/021/1072
Current calls for proposals

SWIM enables applicants to create and submit their applications in response to calls for proposals published by our DG. You can start completing your application today, save it, and continue another day. Please take into account that you must submit your completed application, both online and in paper form, before the deadline indicated in each call for proposals.

There are no ongoing calls for proposals.
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