World Bicycle Day

3rd June: World Bicycle Day

On this day, we celebrate what is considered to be one of the most democratic means of transport: the bicycle. Whether you’re a toddler or in your golden years, whether you want to reach peak fitness or you don’t mind using a little bit of electric power to feel more at ease, there is a kind of bike which will suit you perfectly.

Cycling has many well-known upsides. For instance, those who commute to work or to school by bicycle every day contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, improve both their physical and mental health and save on several expenses related to car ownership.

Despite all these perks, it must be said that, just like interpreting, riding a bike isn’t always easy. The road ahead can go uphill, the weather might turn nasty and you can feel out of breath! In this case, practice is key: the more familiar you are with the activity, the easier it gets. And, most importantly, the feeling of personal achievement will be immense.

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