Greek section revamp with a big thank you to our colleague Maria Giannakopoulou

Dear SR users, 


This year we started a total revamp of the Greek speech section, which had become a bit dusty with time. This work has been carried out with the invaluable help of our colleague Maria Giannakopoulou, appointed as a coordinator for the updating of the section, by the Head of the Language unit, and the Speech Repository team.

We have been working on four fronts:

  • Addition of new pedagogical material: by now, we have added 19 newly-recorded speeches by colleagues from the EL booth and our former bluebook trainee, Filip Tetla.
  • Revision of the real-life speech material: all real-life speeches have been screened, and those that have become obsolete, are being replaced by new material. 
  • Metadata check: proofreading of all the information available on speeches (titles, description, vocabulary, etc.)
  • Addition of new real-life material: Maria has been looking for new and interesting material to update the real-life section. 26 brand new speeches are already online for you to practise. Among those speeches, you will, for example, find very interesting material from the Delphi Economic Forum, commemorating the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution. She has also identified other useful sources, which we have contacted, in order to obtain permission to use the speeches for training purposes in the SR.

In total, we have added 45 speeches in less than a year, and we are working on adding more soon. 


Don’t delay, discover the new speeches here.

We hope you will enjoy your practice!


Your Speech Repository team