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Quando e come sono nati i primi segnali stradali?
Bruxelles, 30/03/2017
Bruxelles, 19/09/2017
Bruxelles, 19/09/2017

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Dear users,   Today we have published new basic and beginner speeches in FR, DE, IT, EN and PT.   FR: 27160, 27161 DE: 27049, 27050 IT: 26556, 26681, 26647, 26574 EN: 26956, 26959, 27200 ES: 27445, 27446 PT: 27000   Enjoy... read more
Dear users,   Today we have published 10 new speeches: HU: 26589, 26611 RU: 26609, 26638 MK: 26474, 26475 SK: 26835 IT: 27206 EN: 26958, 26955   Enjoy your practice! Your Speech Repository Team  
Dear Users,   Improve your skills with our new Cantonese speeches: 25165, 25156, 25155, 25146, 25145, 25144, 25143, 25142, 25141, 25137, 25136, 25135, 25134, 25132. Enjoy!   Your Speech Repository Team
Dear Users,   Today we have added 8 Spanish speeches about Cuba for you to use: 27072, 27073, 27078, 27079, 27080, 27076, 27074, 27081 and 27082. Happy practicing! Your Speech Repository Team
Dear users,   Today we are publishing beginner simultaneous speeches. They are recommended for the transition phase between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Some speeches can be interpreted in consecutive mode first... read more