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Information about the commitment

Submission number 1422700439331-1700
Submission date 2015-01-31 12:26:05
Owner of the commitment Royal College of Physicians, London
Title of the commitment Evidence base for effective policy-making
Commitment summary To contribute to a better understanding of the existing evidence base as well as highlighting new evidence to support and improve measures to tackle alcohol health harm.
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Contact Point

Contact name Paul Belcher
Organisation Royal College of Physicians (London)
Title/Position Principal Adviser, EU Health Policy & Public Affairs
St Andrews Place 11
NW1 4LE London
United Kingdom
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Information about the commitment

Background to the commitment (if any) This commitment will contribute to raising awareness and better articulating both the existing evidence base for alcohol harm stategies, as well as highlighting and translating new medical evidence to support policy-makers and inform the public and health professionals.
Priority areas
  • Develop information and education programmes on the effect of harmful drinking
Start date Jan-2015
End date Jan-2021
Member states
  • United Kingdom
Type of commitment activities (principal) Education
Type of commitment activities (secondary) Media Activities

Information on monitoring

Objectives To improve understanding and awareness among public, health professionals and policy-makers of existing and new evidence base for action on alcohol health harm
Relevance (i.e. how will the commitment contribute to achieving the aim of the Forum ?) The Commitment will focus on a broad range of priority themes identified at EU level in particular:

"protecting young people, children and the unborn child";

"prevent alcohol related harm among adults"; and

"inform, educate and raise awareness on the impact of harmful and hazardous alcohol consumption".

Input indicators

Number of people involved Core team: 1 RCP Communications team member and 1 lead RCP Professor
Time spent (Man/hours) Estimated 1 day a month
Cost (please indicate in €) Estimated 500 Euros a month

Information on monitoring

Number of people reached
Number of people in the target group reached
Number of participants in different activities
Web site visitors
Number of products
Number of pamphlets/adverts
Established number of contacts

Outcome and impact

Short term Production of materials (writing)
Medium Term Dissemination (journals, newspapers)
Long Term Engagement of public, professionals & policy-makers (events)

Evaluation details

Tool use
  • Internal evaluators
Type of methodology
  • Media surveys

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