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Submission number 1422539263581-1697
Submission date 2015-01-29 14:58:30
Owner of the commitment Diageo
Title of the commitment Raising the collective DRINKiQ
Commitment summary Diageo reaffirms its effort to promote information and education on responsible drinking with a completely revised edition of its DRINKiQ program.
DRINKiQ is firstly a training curriculum offering information on the important factors about drinking, including: how long it takes to metabolize a drink, differences between men and women, government guidelines, standard pours, tips on hosting responsibly etc. Diageo runs regular training sessions for employees globally and provides materials and trainers to external organizations; a train-the-trainer capability is also offered. Attendees are encouraged to share what they learn with friends and colleagues.
The materials as well as the measurement and evaluation tool are developed with the support of an expert panel of external consultants. The trainings will be monitored and evaluated to gather insights on their effectiveness. is a multi-lingual platform designed to disseminate the responsible drinking message. It includes scientific information on alcohol, how to enjoy it as part of a healthy lifestyle as well as the risks of alcohol misuse. It also provides resources, tools and best practices for a wide variety of stakeholders. Finally, Know Your Diageo Drink provides calorie and nutrient information for the Diageo brands.
The website will be re-built and updated in line with the latest DRINKiQ training materials, and will include relevant information from the Global Alcohol Producer's Commitments Consumer Information Website on Responsible Drinking. It will be mobile-friendly and will provide a variety of downloadable tools and resources for consumers. After launch, the website will be widely promoted.
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Contact name Piero Soave
Organisation DIAGEO
Title/Position Head of Alcohol Policy, EU

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Information about the commitment

Background to the commitment (if any) Responsible drinking sits at the heart of Diageo's business. DRINKiQ started in 2002 in Australia as a program targeted at Diageo's employees. Its education potential was soon recognized and the program was expanded to inform external partners, from customers to sporting clubs, on the risks of excessive consumption and on responsible drinking behaviours.
In 2008, Diageo determined that everyone in the business be encouraged to join a DRINKiQ session. The program was then rolled out globally and supported by, a platform designed to provide information, tools and best practices to consumers, parents, teachers, the police, policy makers and more.
DRINKiQ is an information and education tool comprised of two pillars, both of which will be completely refreshed, enriched, evaluated and promoted during 2015 and 2016 and beyond.
Priority areas
  • Develop information and education programmes on responsible patterns of consumption
  • Develop information and education programmes on the effect of harmful drinking
Start date Jan-2015
End date Dec-2016
Member states
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
Type of commitment activities (principal) Consumer information
Type of commitment activities (secondary) Education

Information on monitoring

Objectives 1.To provide Diageo employees with an up-to-date training on responsible drinking, thus raising their DRINKiQ.
2.To promote responsible drinking ambassadors among Diageo employees, so that what they learn is passed on to their friends and family.
3.To offer an up-to-date training on responsible drinking to our external partners, thus raising their DRINKiQ.
4.To make the latest, evidence-based information on responsible consumption and alcohol misuse widely available to a wide range of stakeholders through the internet platform, and to promote this platform in order to raise the collective DRINKiQ.
Relevance (i.e. how will the commitment contribute to achieving the aim of the Forum ?) The DRINKiQ programme begins by engaging all our employees on the importance of a responsible enjoyment of alcohol; therefore, it directly contributes to preventing alcohol related harm amongst adults and to reducing the negative impact of alcohol on the workplace.
Through the platform, the programme also contributes to informing and educating the general public about the impact of harmful drinking and about responsible patterns of consumption.

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