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Submission number 1397419141311-1646
Submission date 2014-04-13 22:37:08
Owner of the commitment The Absolute Company
Title of the commitment Promotion of alcohol abstinence among underage youth (4)
Commitment summary As a producer of alcoholic drinks The Absolut Company is committed to a moderate and sensible use of alcohol. This is based on a general social perspective and corporate citizenship but also on the realization that a sustainable consumption pattern is a pre-requisite for sustainable business activity. Although there is some evidence that alcohol consumption among underage is not increasing but may be decreasing over-all, the prevalence of underage consumption is still unacceptable. Industry contribution to efforts to convince youth of the unsuitability of underage consumption contributes resources to this Forum priority and, maybe most importantly, it makes clear that the message is shared not only by government and NGOs but also by the very providers of alcoholic drinks.

The Absolut Company through its corporate predecessors supported the original development by non-industry education professionals for the Swedish industry organizations of the Teach About Alcohol school programme. On our initiative, versions were developed for Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.

We are committing staff time and financing to the continued operation of the school programmes in the area as well as to initiatives to develop these further, to cross-fertilize between operators and to support scientific evaluations. We also undertake to introduce it in Lithuania. The programme includes materials and guidance for classroom activities, for involvement of parents and for school planning (implementation strategy). In addition and in order to widen the reach to underage we support a programme of alcohol-free leisure activities for underage run by the Fryshuset organization in Sweden.
Link to further information relating to the commitment This is the fourth commitment to support alcohol abstinence among udnerage. The company was involved at the time of the development of the Swedish programme and we initiated adaptations for Denmark (2009), Finland (2010-11), Estonia (2012) and Latvia (2013). The programmes in Sweden, Denmark and Finland are today mainly financed through trade associations, while the operations of the newer programmes has mainly been covered by us. The Absolut Company has also initiated and financed scientific evaluations in Sweden, Denmark and Estonia.
On a smaller scale we have been involved in supporting alcohol-free leisure activities for underage in Sweden in two previous commitments
Forum members, associated with the commitment
  • [Private] Pernod Ricard Nordic
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Contact Point

Contact name Peeter Luksep
Organisation The Absolut Company
Title/Position Vice President Public Affairs
Årstaängsvägen 19
117 97 Stockholm
Tel +46 8 7447353
If the commitment is implemented in more than one Member State indicate for each country the name of the national contact point
  • [Estonia] Iris Vahtra
  • [Denmark] Anett Wiingaard
  • [Finland] Tarja Uitti
  • [Sweden] Peeter Luksep
  • [Latvia] Kristiana Pavlova

Information about the commitment

Background to the commitment (if any) Although there is some evidence that alcohol consumption is trending down rather than up among underage consumers in the region, consumption is still unacceptable. The growth of illegal sales channels, some of which are targeting underage, adds to concerns.
Priority areas
  • Develop a strategy aimed at curbing under-age drinking
Start date Jan-2014
End date Dec-2015
Member states
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
Type of commitment activities (principal) Education
Type of commitment activities (secondary) Youth Involvement

Information on monitoring

Objectives - Change the attitudes of underage youth towards drinking
- Reduce actual alcohol consumption among underage youth
Relevance (i.e. how will the commitment contribute to achieving the aim of the Forum ?) Underage consumption of alcohol is harmful for both medical and social reasons. Reduced alcohol consumption among underage youth is therefore likely to reduce harm.

Input indicators

Number of people involved 6
Time spent (Man/hours) 6
Cost (please indicate in €) 400,000

Information on monitoring

Number of people reached
Number of people in the target group reached
Number of participants in different activities
Web site visitors
Number of products Six language versions of classroom and teacher materials
Number of pamphlets/adverts
Established number of contacts

Outcome and impact

Short term Increased self-esteem and life skills among underage youth in participating classes
Medium Term Increased awareness of reasons to abstain from underage alcohol consumption
Long Term Reduced alcohol consumption among underage

Evaluation details

Tool use
  • External evaluators
  • Internal evaluators
Type of methodology
  • Questionnaire
  • Structure interviews

There is no report yet for this commitment