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Information about the commitment

Submission number 1396863274856-1642
Submission date 2014-04-07 11:52:39
Owner of the commitment NordAN - the Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network
Title of the commitment Annual report Alcohol policy in Nordic-Baltic countries
Commitment summary Annual report on alcohol policy developments in Nordic and Baltic countries, covering policy changes, consumption and enforcement issues, civil society actions etc.
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Forum members, associated with the commitment
  • [NGO] SLAN (Sweden)
  • [NGO] National Alcohol and Tobacco Control Coalition (Lithuania)
  • [NGO] Alcohol and Society
Information about Forum members co-owning the commitment
  • Estonian Temperance Union

Contact Point

Contact name Lauri Beekmann
Organisation NordAN
Title/Position Secretary General
Marjamaa 2
72214 Türi
Tel +3725261884
If the commitment is implemented in more than one Member State indicate for each country the name of the national contact point
  • [Lithuania] Aurelijus Veryga
  • [Estonia] Henri Reha
  • [Latvia] Marcis Trapencieris
  • [Denmark] Johan Damgaard Jensen
  • [Finland] Kristiina Hannula
  • [Sweden] Anders Castberger

Information about the commitment

Background to the commitment (if any) There is a lot of outdated data regarding alcohol consumption, harm and policy. We plan to be more updated as we cover only a number of countries, compared for instance with WHO.
Report should give a collected overview of alcohol policy developments in our region and give it all a civil society perspective. As a regular feature it would help to make some long-term conclusions and come up with more concrete suggestions for action.
Priority areas
  • Develop a strategy aimed at curbing under-age drinking
  • Develop information and education programmes on the effect of harmful drinking
Start date Jan-2014
End date Dec-2018
Member states
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Other
  • Sweden
Type of commitment activities (principal) Other : Data gathering
Type of commitment activities (secondary) Media Activities

Information on monitoring

Objectives To create a helpful tool for civil society organisations, media and politicians to make decisions regarding alcohol regulation.
Relevance (i.e. how will the commitment contribute to achieving the aim of the Forum ?) An annual report will give a better overview of the situation in selected countries to be able to make better decisions and formulate adequate responses.

Input indicators

Number of people involved 25
Time spent (Man/hours) 60 months
Cost (please indicate in €) 10 000

Information on monitoring

Number of people reached
Number of people in the target group reached
Number of participants in different activities
Web site visitors
Number of products
Number of pamphlets/adverts
Established number of contacts

Outcome and impact

Short term Publish relevant and updated information and reach relevant target groups.
Medium Term Make the report regular and guarantee a stable target group.
Long Term Influence alcohol policy and prevention work formulation in the region.

Evaluation details

Tool use
Type of methodology

There is no report yet for this commitment