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1401286011942-1660 The Scotch Whisky Association

To share key learning points from delivery of a socila norms intervention in a comunity settng

The aim of this commitment is to share with Forum members key leraning points from piloting a socila norms interventionapplied within a defined community setting to nourage responsibel drinking pattrrns and reduce excessive drinking.

The commitment is two-fold:

1. To share learning points from delivering such an intervention. What bariers were identified, how were they resolved and what success were achieved.

2. To share leranings from the impact of delivering such an intervention on promoting responsible drinking patterns.

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1401205542404-1659 Alcohol Action Ireland

Campaign for the introduction of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill in the Irish Parliament

The general scheme of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill published in February 2015 contains a package of measures designed to tackle Ireland's harmful relationship with alcohol, reducing alcohol consumption and the related harms. The measure proposed by the Irish Department of Health and approved by the Irish Government address the key areas of alcohol-harm reducing includeing the pricing, marketing and availability of alcohol. Among other measures the Bill provides for the Introduction of Minimum Unit Pricing, Regulation of the marketing and advertising of alcohol and heath labelling of alcohol products.

Alcohol Action Ireland is campaigning for the introduction of this ground breaking legilsation by establishing a Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Alchol Misuse and in June developed a 'Call to Action Campaigning page' on our website. We have also extablished and act as secretariat to a Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Alcohol Harm. The aim of the group is to;
1. Educate and brief members on policy issues relevant to the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill
2. Provide a counter point to the alcohol industry lobby
3. Promote the discussion of alcohol related issues from a public health perspective
4. Raise matters of concern and make recommendations to Government and other policy makers.

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1400748521143-1658 Associazione Italiana Imprese Intrattenimento da Ballo e di Spettacolo (SILB-FIPE)

Campaign: "Children under 18 years old? Alcohol no Thank you!"

Campaign: "Children under 18 years old? Alcohol no Thank you!"
Silb - Fipe will encourage Silb's members to join the campaign.
The campaign will be structured as follows:
- Send to all representatives of the provincial Silb a note explaining the campaign and its reasons
- Send to all members a newsletter dedicated to the campaign.
- Presence in all the newsletters of a message encouraging SILB-FIPE members to join the Campaign: "CHILDREN UDER 18 YARS ? ALCOHOL NO - THANK YOU!".
- Inclusion of the campaign on the home page of the site ww.silb.it with special messages
- Inclusion of the campaign on Facebook
- Silb - Fipe to deliver to each member firm posters (over 2000) to be affixed in the bars which will be showing a message that invites guests under 18 years not to drink alcoholic beverages.
- Silb - Fipe prepares a mini-course training online that will raise awareness among managers about the dangers of alcohol-related harm in clubs and invite operators to join the campaign .
- Creation in at least 20 clubs of information points to the problem of alcohol-related harm

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1400674039553-1657 Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI)

ID Checking

Addressing responsible marketing and sales through our distribution chain by including clauses in new/renewed contracts to promote the distribution of ID-checking education materials to sales outlets (on and off-trade) and to distribute these materials through our own sales representatives to our Point of Connections in both on- and off-trade across Europe.

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1400590716928-1656 European Cider and Fruit Wine Association (AICV)

Appreciating Cider, Perry and Fruit Wine Responsibly

To encourage the responsible consumption of cider, perry and fruit wines, by communicating more widely on the need to drink responsibly and what is meant by responsible drinking and what is risky drinking behaviour.
To create a tool kit for member companies to use to assist them with their social responsibility outreach.

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1400517444184-1655 Union des Metiers et des Industries de L'Hotellerie (UMIH)

Information and advice on risks associated to alcohol for UMIH members

UMIH will inform and advise regularly its members on risks associated to alcohol
with the following priorities :
- Advise its members in everyday problems situations on matters concerning various alcohol issues by emphasizing the importance of not selling and serving alcohol to under-aged or intoxicated people.
- Inform its members about the goals of the European Alcohol and Health Forum and encourage members to further promote responsible serving and selling alcohol.
- Regularly publish alcohol-related articles and shorter briefing in NOUS CHRD magazine which appears monthly, in the website umih.fr and in the weekly newsletter UMIH News .

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1400514678394-1654 Union des Metiers et des Industries de L'Hotellerie (UMIH)

Creation of a specific training for Associations who sell alcoholic beverages

UMIH will pressure for the creation of a specific training for Associations who sell alcoholic beverages, for event such as : student nights, temporary bars, festive evenings.

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1399887311431-1652 Diageo

Conoscere L'alcol 2

The Conoscere L'alcol campaign is designed to help consumers and shoppers make well-informed choices when purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages.The campaign aims to promote responsible safe drinking for all consumers through increased awareness of alcohol limits and the effects of alcohol on a person. The campaign uses information displayed in leaflets placed near alcohol products in Auchan/SMA stores to communicate its key message. The leaflets display information tables from the Ministry of Health with a description of the effects of alcohol. The banners display the amount of alcohol content in the different beverages. All information supplied comes from official sources.

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1398762677489-1651 Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS)

Alcohol Knowledge Centre

We will maintain an online resource for researchers, policymakers and the public to access the latest information on alcohol, it's impact on society and the evidence to support policies that reduce harm. The IAS "Alcohol Knowledge Centre" will provide easy access to UK survey data and statistics for a range of themes, such as consumption trends, crime rates, health harms and population sub-groups such as young people, women and older drinkers. Information contained within the Alcohol Knowledge Centre will be available to download and/or print in fact sheet format, so that partners can use it to contribute to their work.

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1398354237694-1650 The Brewers of Europe

Polish Brewers - "Own-initiative compliance monitoring" - 7 Operational Standards

The Code of Commercial Communications of the Polish Brewers was upgraded in 2008 and
introduced into the Advertising Ethics Code of the Advertising Council (Rada Reklamy) in Poland
as a special chapter covering beer commercial communications. The Advertising
Ethics Code serves various industries and is the only cross-industry self regulation system in
At the moment, the Polish Brewers' self-regulation system meets The Brewers of Europe's 7 operational standards for beer commercial communications: full code coverage; increased code compliance; impartial
judgement; fast complaints procedure; effective sanctions in place; increased consumer
awareness and self-monitoring.
The 7th standard (putting in place a systematic monitoring and reviewing of the code's functioning) was implemented and confirmed through Forum commitment no. 1416 and reported upon in May 2013.
This commitment is to fulfil this Standard through continued monitoring of code compliance. In addition, it is a step towards the ongoing implementation of The Brewers of Europe's European commitment entitled "Commercial communications for beer: The Brewers of Europe's 7 operational standards". Furthermore, in order to enhance the procedure with input and endorsement by an independent party, the existing Ethics Code (chapter concerning the brewing sector) will be reviewed and updated based on input from the Advertising Council.

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