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1422186854474-1696 International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)

Development of capacity building series of workshops for medical students on Alcohol Policies

Being aware of the alcohol-related burden existing worldwide and especially at the european level, IFMSA aims to focus medical students on this theme before the end of 2015 through a project-driven commitment throughout the following goal:
-Creating a pool of highly motivated skilled medical students on evidence-based alcohol policy including a broad understanding of the drugs abuse related issues. These students will be then capable to organize interventions on different levels using their knowledge and these techniques of advocacy within their National Member Organizations.
Medical students will be trained in the next IFMSA General Assembly that will happen in Ohrid, Macedonia in August, during which they will be taught the necessary skills to make efficient advocacy campaigns.

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1421231140813-1695 World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

The Responsible Marketing Pact

In June 2014, the eight leading alcohol producers (ABInBev, Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg, Diageo, Heineken, Pernod Ricard and SABMiller - together representing approximately 60% of the EU alcohol ad spend), supported by their EU sector Trade Associations (spiritsEurope, Brewers of Europe and CEEV, associated partners of the RMP), have launched the first ever cross-sector self-regulation program on alcohol advertising: the Responsible Marketing Pact.

The RMP aims at reducing minors*' access and exposure to alcohol advertising, as well as preventing alcohol marketing communications from being primarily appealing to minors, all media included and across all EU countries. As such, it is a holistic project looking simultaneously at the content and placement of alcohol marketing communications, including an additional component dedicated to responsible digital communications on social media.

It contains significant innovations such as the first 'Standard Alcohol Profile' on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), as well as a first blacklist of prohibited creative features which these companies commit to never representing within their marketing communications due to their primary appeal to minors.

The above mentioned eight companies (referred to hereinafter as 'RMP members') have been given a one year transition period to meet the new standards of the RMP. As of 1st June 2015 onwards, independent monitoring exercises will be run by third party contractors on an annual basis, which results will be publicly shared within the EAHF on a full transparency basis.

*Under the Legal Purchase Age of Alcohol

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1420796132480-1694 Pernod-Ricard S.A.

"Responsible Party", implementation in Europe, 3rd Edition

Studies show a disturbing trend of some young adults facing problems of excessive and/or inappropriate drinking within student parties in Europe. Pernod Ricard has decided to address this issue.
Four years ago, when we launched the first edition of the program, Responsible Party was and still is the first pan European program targeting a sensitive target: young adults.
It aims at raising awareness on responsible consumption of alcohol during student parties. Thus we try to fight harmful use of alcohol and to tackle binge drinking through the peer to peer approach. It means that ESN volunteers and/or students are Responsible Party Ambassadors and spread the messages on responsible consumption of alcohol.
We have established a relationship of trust with our main student partner (Erasmus Student Network), a key success factor in the program. We have now decided to take it a step further.

Since Pernod Ricard operates on a decentralized model, we will maintain or extend
1. Our European partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Other local partnerships already exist.
2. Our work with our network of European affiliates to implement the program in their countries

To make the program efficient and attractive among student associations and especially among ESN, there is a constant work to structure better the program, to improve the communication and the education scheme. As in the past, students will continue to be directly involved in the implementation and development of the program.

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1419958030339-1693 Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les boissons alcoolisées (IREB)

call for tenders 2015

In order to provide grants to researchers working in the alcoholic field, the Ireb proposes an annual call for tenders (budget: 200,000 euros). This call for tenders is avalaible on line on the Ireb's website: www.ireb.com. The grants are allocated by a scientific committee composed with independant unpaid members. The researchers who receive grants to work in the field of alcoholic research are often working in laboratories with a team. They choose themselves their subjects and if the scientific committee agrees with, the grants are allocated. The researcher is independent with his research but must cite IREB when publishing.

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1417690427272-1692 EMNA

Attending mutual-help-groups can reduce referral to public health services

The research intends to underline how members of the various national organizations, having alcohol related problems, can minimize their referral to public health services, and therefore the overall cost for the society, just by attending regularly the self-mutual-help groups

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1416845761375-1691 Carlsberg Group

Ensure Responsible Marketing: Include Responsible Drinking messaging in our marketing communication and ensure compliance with our marketing codes

As a responsible brewer, we are determined to contribute to a responsible consumption of beer. We have developed a Responsible Drinking Policy and a Marketing Communication Policy to ensure we advertise responsibly. As part of these efforts, we will include Responsible Drinking messaging in our marketing communication and train key employees in our responsible marketing codes. We will enforce responsible marketing codes in order to avoid primary appeal to minors, to focus advertising exposure on adults (70/30 rule), and limit the exposure of minors in social media.

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1416845613054-1690 Carlsberg Group

Prevent Harmful Drinking: Installation of alcohol locks in company owned trucks

As a responsible brewer, we want to prevent drinking and driving. As part of our efforts, we will install alcohol locks in newly purchased company owned trucks in Western Europe and leverage our employees as ambassadors for responsible drinking.

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1416845008960-1686 Carlsberg Group

Encourage Responsible Drinking: Include Responsible Drinking messages in sponsored music festivals

As a responsible brewer, we are determined to contribute to a responsible consumption of beer. We will leverage our sponsorship at music festivals to encourage our consumers at the music festivals to drink responsibly by incuding Responsible Drinking messages on Carlsberg's festival materials.

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1416818088683-1684 Carlsberg Group

Encourage Responsible Drinking: Embed Responsible Drinking messaging in major sponsorship deals

As a responsible brewer, we are determined to contribute to a responsible consumption of beer. We will encourage consumers to drink responsibly by embedding Responsible Drinking messaging in major sponsorship deals such as the Premier League and the EURO 2016. We expect to reach about 80 million consumers yearly during the Premier League sponsorship and 10 million consumers during the EURO 2016 sponsorship and expose them to responsible drinking messages.

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1415894139168-1683 Alcohol Health Network (AHN)

Best Practice in Workplace Settings - Round Table Meetings

AHN commit to holding bi-annual meetings with employers, policy stakeholders and academics to share best practice in preventing alcohol harm in the workplace setting. We shall initially hold Round Table meetings with invited speakers in the UK and will invite participants from Member States. Our intention is to hold round table meetings, subject to funding in other European Member States in 2015.

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