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1266409701620-1030 Visita - Swedish Hospitality Industry (former Swedish Hotel & Restaurant Association, SHR)

Actions for responsible service of alcohol

1. SHR will continue it´s participation together with authorities in projects like STAD (Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems) in Stockholm and RUS (Restaurants Development Co-operation) in Gothenburg with the purpose to through education and research reduce alcohol-related harm and in particular service to under-age and intoxicated people.
2. SHR will in advicing members on matters concerning alcohol issues emphasize the importance of not serving under-age or intoxicated people.
3. The local governments on the municipal level – which are the authorities that issues permissions to serve alcohol – are supervising the establishments serving alcohol. SHR will carry out an inquiry among these authorities with the purpose to find out if - and in that case to which extension - the authorities have taken action against members in SHR due to the course of service to under-age or intoxicated people.
4. SHR will thru advertising make it clear that SHRs members - according to law and SHRs Ethic programme - does not serve alcohol to under-age or intoxicated people.
5. SHR will - in cooperation with authorities and other parties - arrange at least one larger meeting for establishments serving alcohol (including non-members of SHR) and inform of the importance of responsible service of alcohol and the importance of cooperating with the authorities concerning these questions.
6. SHR will market and sell the book ''Responsible handling of alcohol''.
7. According to the member-rules in SHRs Ethic programme the members of SHR has to serve alcohol in a responsible way. SHR will - through an information leaflet - remind it´s members of the importance of this rule.
8. SHR will attend HOTREC and Alcohol Forum-meetings and inform it´s members of questions discussed and decisions taken there.
9. SHR will during HOTRECs meetings related to alcohol issues contribute to the exchange of information between the national associations in HOTREC on questions concerning reduction of alcohol-related harm.

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1265901964795-1026 European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)

Safe and Sober and the Alcolock

ETSC within its Safe and Sober Programme will raise awareness amongst policy makers, the private sector as well as key opinion leaders for a systemic approach to reduce alcohol misuse in road transport. Specifically ETSC will organise 9 "Talks" bringing together stakeholders to discuss tackling Drink Driving. The "Talk" will integrate a practical demonstration of an alcohol interlock.

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1265396640806-1024 International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP)

ICAP Blue Book: Practical Guides for Alcohol Policy and Targeted Interventions

An electronic resource regularly updated since 2005, the ICAP Blue Book is a compilation of policy guides on key issues in alcohol policy development and an integrated approach to prevention. It draws upon the best available research and experience from around the world.

As a policy guide, the ICAP Blue Book is based on three key elements: (1) drinking patterns and their outcomes as a sound scientific basis for policy development; (2) targeted interventions that address specific “at-risk” populations, potentially harmful contexts, and drinking patterns; (3) partnerships that allow the inclusion of the public and private sectors, the community, civil society, and others all working toward a common goal.

The Blue Book is intended as a tool to assist those seeking guidance in developing policy and prevention approaches, targeting especially governments, intergovernmental organizations, public health officials and specialists, researchers, nongovernmental organizations, the beverage alcohol industry and its related bodies, or civil society groups. It can be used to address simple issues or to craft broader and more comprehensive approaches to policy.

The Blue Book is a living resource, taking into account new materials and responsive to the needs of its users. It consists of 3 main parts: (1) a series of Modules, each addressing a particular policy area, lay out the essential elements to be considered on a given topic and include a menu of elements that can be used to tackle specific problem areas; (2) Annexes to the Blue Book offer supplemental materials on individual issues and policy development as a whole; and (3) a section on Targeted Interventions provides a comprehensive annotated listing of approaches to reducing the harm around alcohol consumption that have been implemented around the world.

All materials are being developed by ICAP, with input from a number of experts in the alcohol field: http://www.icap.org/PolicyTools/ICAPBlueBook/ListofContributors/ Alcohol Policy Seminars based on Blue Book materials have also been offered: http://www.q4q.nl/alcoholseminar/home2.htm

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1265387756669-1022 International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP)

ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture

To help give greater exposure to research not currently published or widely available in English, the ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture is an electronic publication that presents English translations of abstracts of key articles appearing in French, Czech, German, Hungarian,Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and other southern, central, and eastern European languages. The emphasis is on the relationship between drinking culture, drinking patterns and outcomes, both psychosocial and relating to health. The objective is to broaden the evidence base used in the crafting of policy and prevention and provide a more culturally balanced view of alcohol and its role in society.

Identification and selection of key articles is carried out by an Editorial Group consisting of scientists from different countries, following common criteria and procedures. ICAP disseminates each new issue of the Periodic Review electronically through its website (http://www.icap.org/Publications/ICAPPeriodicReview) and tailored e-alerts. The first review appeared in the autumn of 2008, with two more issues published in 2009, and two more planned for 2010. The Periodic Review is primarily directed at the research community, but would also be of interest to government officials, health workers, industry members, and others interested in alcohol-related issues.

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1265380413790-1018 Alcohol Policy Youth Network - APYN

Alcohol and Young People

APYN - Alcohol Policy Youth Network is a capacity building network for youth organizations and young people from across Europe and aims at empowering young people to be active and valid actors in the definition, advocacy, implementation and evaluation of alcohol policies and programmes. Through a series of 6 activities APYN will engage youth organizations and young people with the aim of producing a number of reports and tools on Alcohol and Young People.

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1263487201298-1016 European Publishers Council (EPC)

Development of advertising self-regulation in digital media

In close association with the EASA secretariat, the aim is to ensure that professionals across the EASA network are made aware of and trained fully about the extension of the remits of advertising self-regulation to digital marketing communications. Specific focus on the rules applicable to alcohol advertising will be made.

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1262267555700-996 Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les boissons alcoolisées (IREB)

Attitudes and behaviour of young people towards alcohol

Further to former surveys, Ireb conducts a new epidemiological survey among 1800 young people aged 13-24 in order to study their attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol. Some comparisons with international studies will be made and so with the former Ireb's surveys. Many details on alcohol consumption will be given and also on their lifestyle.

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1262189642914-994 Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les boissons alcoolisées (IREB)

Call for tenders 2010

In order to provide grants to researchers working in the alcoholic field, the Ireb proposes an annual call for tenders (budget: 190,000 euros). This call for tenders is avalaible on line on the Ireb's website: www.ireb.com.
The grants are allocated by a scientific committee composed with independant unpaid members. The researchers who receive grants to work in the field of alcoholic research are often working in laboratories with a team. They choose themselves their subjects and if the scientific committee agrees with, the grants are allocated.
The researcher is independent with his research but must cite IREB when publishing.

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1261154019297-992 Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses (Egta)

egta dedicated website on responsible commercial communications for alcoholic beverages

Following the finalization of its Compendium of regulations, self-regulatory standards and industry codes of conducts on audiovisual advertising of alcoholic beverages across the EU, egta commits to develop and create a dedicated website to facilitate the access to the compendium, as well as of a comprehensive set of additional resources around responsible alcohol advertising (e.g. egta 2008 alcohol database, studies and researches on broadcast advertising for alcoholic beverages, latest news on alcohol advertising regulation, etc.), by advertising professionals. Such web-based tool will, on the one hand, provide a source of information for advertising professionals from broadcast media and, on the other hand, serve as a platform to exchange best practices in the area of responsible alcohol advertising. Accessible to the general public and connected with similar on-line resources developed by other advertising stakeholders, egta dedicated website will serve in turn as a benchmarking tool for new media services providers.

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1261146007444-990 Alcohol Action Ireland

Development of a web-based "Media Centre" service and a new "Alcohol &You" section

Alcohol Action Ireland intends to further develop our website to provide two new services (www.alcoholireland.ie):
- Revamp our existing "Alcohol & You" section, adding new design and content
- Creation of a new "Media Centre" section

Alcohol & You:
The aim of the proposed re-vamp of the existing "Alcohol & You" section is to present information about alcohol-related harms in an attractive user-friendly and consumer focused manner.
The aim is to target all likely audiences trafficking through the website, with a new and more universal "Alcohol & You" section. Instead of focussing on providing information to parents alone, it will now contain sections directed at women, men, older people etc. Over time, additions for young people and children will be added.

Media Centre:
The aim of the News Centre is for Alcohol Action Ireland to become the go-to website for members of the media seeking information about alcohol; latest news and analysis, what’s happening in Ireland and internationally, and Alcohol Action Ireland in the news.
The News Centre will serve as an electronic “news service” on alcohol-related news and will be directed at key professional audiences: journalists, news researchers, medics/treatment professionals, academics, NGOs and other stakeholders. The service will primarily feature all Alcohol Action Ireland’s own news coverage as well as encompassing news from around the world.
The section will be separated into four sub-sections:
* Alcohol in the news - Ireland
* Alcohol in the news - Internationally
* Alcohol Action Ireland in the news
* Press Releases

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