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1267780919886-1064 STAP - Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy

Overview European Alcohol Marketing Regulations & Overview Research on Effects Alcohol Marketing

STAP together with IOGT-NTO and Eurocare Italia have initiated in July 2007 a pilot project named European Centre for Monitoring Alcohol Marketing (EUCAM). In the beginning of 2010 EUCAM will be formalized into a foundation. EUCAM was set up to collect, exchange and to promote knowledge and experience about alcohol marketing and alcohol marketing monitoring throughout Europe.

With the formulated objectives as a basis, EUCAM plans to deliver the following concrete products as a commitment in the Alcohol and Health Forum:

1. Providing an overview of marketing regulations in Europe. In addition on the results of the ELSA project the FASE* project will bring together together NGOs, governmental officials and industry representatives in order to provide an overview of and evaluate the regulations regarding alcohol marketing. This knowledge will be updated and will be presented on the website www.fase-project.eu.
Promoting monitoring alcohol marketing and providing information on alcohol marketing practises. Within the AMMIE project alcohol marketing will be monitored in Europe by monitoring alcohol marketing. This project will provide an overview of alcohol marketing practices and deliver a handbook for monitoring in different countries and situtations.

2. Providing an overview of research findings related to the impact of alcohol advertisements and alcohol sponsorship. Information on findings will be presented on a web site (www.eucam.info) and will provide summaries of recent scientific articles on effects of alcohol marketing.
Research findings of the AMPHORA*** project on the impact of alcohol marketing on the drinking behavriour of adolescents in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland will be dissiminated.

* The ELSA and FASE project both co-financed by the European Commission, are coordinated by STAP and include respecively 23 and 27 Member States and Norway.
**The AMMIE project co-financed by the European Commission is coordinated by STAP and include Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The MAMPA project financed by the World Health Organisation is coordinated by STAP and implemented in four African countries.
***The AMPHORA project co-financed by the European Commission is coordinated by STAP and includes 5 Member States.

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1267542384820-1056 European Youth Forum (2007-2013)

Building Capacities for Young People's Advocacy and Awareness Raising on Alcohol

The original commitment of the YFJ was the creation of an alcohol policy youth network (APYN). Following that commitment, and after the official launch of the new phase of the APYN, the YFJ will now closely work with APYN in order to help reinforce their capacities and to ensure the adequate involvement of the YFJ membership in the APYN and its activities, as well as to orgaise joint activities.

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1267541762655-1054 European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP)

Fight against alcohol-related harm : the role of social insurers. An example : prevention regarding consumption of alcohol by pregnant women

The aim of this commitment, taken by the CNAMTS on behalf of ESIP, is to prevent alcohol-related damage for pregnant women by giving comprehensive information based on the recommendations of the National Upper Health Authority (Haute Autorité de Santé) to health professionnals (physicians, gynaecologists, midwives) and to pregnant women.

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1267528552004-1052 Delhaize Group

Sales Force Awareness Program for New Alcohol Sales Legislation

In view of the new Belgian legislation on the sale of alcohol (in application since January 10, 2010), Delhaize Belgium will review its operating procedures in this regard, and develop an internal information and awareness campaign to sensitize its sales force (with a focus on the cashiers) for the issue and explain to them the new operating procedures. In addition, we will put signs in the stores to inform customers about the prohibition of alcohol sales to minors. Our affiliated store owners will also be informed of the importance of the issue and all material developed for raising internal and external awareness will be available for them.

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1267321452975-1048 European Midwives Association

To ascertain the education and practices of midwives in member states on reducing alcohol related harm preconception and during pregnancy

1. The EMA commits to establishing the following baseline information
a. establishing if alcohol related harm is included in the core content of the pre registration midwifery education curricula of member states
b. ascertaining the common practices of midwives in member states in discussing alcohol related harm with woman and their partners preconception and during pregnancy

This information has been sought from midwives in member states and will inform the Forum of the current practices in relation to alcohol related harm education preconception and during pregnancy.

2. The EMA will ask midwives in member states to liaise with other medical and health professionals and organizations and
a. provide the EMA with a synopsis of any current national research initiatives in relation to alcohol related harm preconception and during pregnancy
The availability of such information has the potential to provide the Forum with contemporaneous research and trends on alcohol related harm preconception and during pregnancy in member states

3. The EMA will produce and present a report of this information to the European Alcohol and Health Forum

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1267196946896-1046 Finnish Hospitality Association (FHA)

Enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages

FHA will continue to encourage its member companies to enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages. FHA will make guidelines to member companies as an important part of member's self-regulation for the purpose of not to serving and selling alcohol to people under 18 years of age. FHA has recently renewed its self-regulatory plan for serving and selling alcoholic beverages. FHA will also educate its members by emphasizing the importance of serving and selling alcohol in responsible way. FHA will regularly inform this issue in Vitriini magazine which circulation is 10.500 copies. FHA will attend HOTREC and Alcohol Forum meetings and inform its member companies of questions discussed and decisions taken there.

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1267016871462-1044 Estonian Temperance Union


Preventing alcohol harm to the unborn child is one of the priority themes of the European Alcohol Strategy.
Estonian Temperance Union will organize two seminars (7. and 8. of April 2010) inviting dr Diane Black from Netherlands to speak. Seminars will be in Tallinn and Tartu.
Second part of the commitment will be a special website focused to preventing alcohol related harm to the unborn children. During one year we will update and add additional information and materials to the website and organise dissemination of the info about the website to any relevant audience.

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1266926328249-1042 EMNA

Overviewing and promoting the research done by members to confirm the effectiveness of the mutual help groups throughout Europe.

The effectiveness of the mutual help groups in reducing alcohol related harm in our communities is already known but sometimes underestimated or neglected; our aim is to try and collect data from all our members as to the effectiveness of the treatment, and try to put it in a comparable level, despite the variety of approaches, in order to prove that something can be done to reduce alcohol related problems.

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1266920940864-1040 EUROCOMMERCE

Raising retailers' awareness to carry out actions against abuse of alcohol

EuroCommerce is committed to encourage its member companies and member federations to take actions in view of reducing alcohol-related harm. This will be carried out through the dissemination of information on the work of the Forum on Alcohol and Health and by encouraging members to develop their activities in relation to the objectives of the Charter establishing the Forum.

EuroCommerce will invite its members to make commitments within the framework of the Alcohol Forum and will facilitate the dialogue and cooperation between its members and other members of the Forum.

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1266858332644-1038 HOTREC

Raising awareness of National Associations / Call for actions

HOTREC will inform regularly its National Member Associations on the activities of the Alcohol Forum.
HOTREC will encourage National Associations to develop their activities in relation to the objectives of the Charter establishing the Alcohol Forum in view of reducing alcohol-abuse related harms, as well as to develop their activities in relation to the objectives of similar fora possibly established at national level. The following priority areas should be emphasised:
- Develop information and education programmes on responsible patterns of consumption;
- Enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages.
HOTREC will invite its National Associations to make commitments within the framework of the Alcohol Forum.
HOTREC will organise the exchange of information between National Associations on activities related to the Alcohol Forum and similar fora.
HOTREC will facilitate the dialogue and cooperation between its Member Associations and other Members of the Alcohol Forum.

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