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1281684274460-1094 SABMiller

Social dialogue on responsible consumption empowered by self-awareness toolkit

We started social dialogue on responsible alcohol consumption using our www.alkohol.info.hu site, where almost 150 thousand visitors received adequate information about alcohol, and more than 500 of them commented the related articles and videos. To take the next steps we are going to develop a self-awareness rising toolkit, which helps Hungarian adults get know themselves more deeply in an interactive way based on an online game, social media and mobile software.
First we improve our activity by developing and publishing a self-awareness rising toolkit based on the information presented on the website. Using the new toolkit adult consumers get to know more about alcohol consumption and their own decisions, misunderstandings and behaviour on this. The toolkit also reactivates and completes already existing information on the website and the GO and NGO videos, increases awareness among visitors on responsible consumption patterns and behaviour. Thanks to the innovative solution users get involved by own decision taking and self-evaluation.
Second we disseminate a mobile software alcohol calculator that helps consumers at the place and real time of consumption which directly contributes to self-awarness, and indirectly encourages responsible drinking and discourages drinking and driving.

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1281682921841-1092 SABMiller

Online dialogue: Encouraging people to make informed choices about alcohol

Our commitment is to also translate SABMiller's TalkingAlcohol.com website into Dutch. The translated website will make the information on TalkingAlcohol.com available to the Netherlands to assist consumers make informed choices about alcohol. The translated website will be formally launched in the local market to maximise local traffic to the website. The subsidiary Corporate website will provide links to the site and a communication plan will be prepared that communicates the website through various forms of commercial and corporate communications.

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1280933640863-1090 Advertising Information Group (ZAW and WKÖ)

Making the voluntary copy-advice service popular within the advertising industry

Infringements of self-regulatory and legal provisions should be avoided before advertising material has been published. By offering copy-advice on a voluntary basis the Professional Association of Advertising and Market Communication Industry (WKÖ) and the Austrian Self-regulatory Organisation (ÖWR) facilitate the protection of the public against unacceptable advertising behaviour and prevent companies from publishing irresponsible advertising. WKÖ commits to make the copy-advice service popular within the advertising industry, especially among the alcohol sector. For this purpose several public relations and communication tools such as a campaign, leaflets, a sub-website, roadshows for presenting the copy-advice system, specialised trainings, selling attractive copy-advice packages etc. will be created in 2010 and 2011.

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1274964580895-1084 The Brewers of Europe

The Danish Brewers' Association - "Do you see the problem?"

The Danish Brewers Association has engaged in a co-operation for 2010 with the Danish Road Safety Council for Mid and West Jutland. The focus of the co-operation is the prevention of drink-and-drive behaviour. A total of 332 pairs of alcohol goggles will be handed out to municipalities, drivers' schools and youth clubs. These glasses simulate the effects of impairment due to alcohol consumption, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination.
Alcohol goggles will also be addressed in training sessions for pursuers of drivers licences for cars and motorbikes.
As part of the campaign, a webpage will also be developed.
The front figure and role model for the campaign are both from FC Midtjylland, a famous football player and a famous handball player, from the top football and handball leagues respectively in Denmark. The campaign will be launched at a football match in the top league, at the home stadium of FC Midtjylland.

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1274964545402-1082 The Brewers of Europe

The Danish Brewers' Association - Er du klar? (Are you ready?)

In the summer of 2010 The Danish Brewers Association will launch a campaign for responsible drinking at northern Europe’s largest festival - Roskilde Festival with 160 000 visitors.

At the festival 20 youth volunteers will hand out 48 000 cups of water to young festival guests and others to help prevent dehydration and irresponsible drinking behaviour at the festival. There will be 3 huge water-containing vehicles working as mobile water posts.

The messages of responsibility will be brought to the festival guests on big screens, homepages, radio channels, web TV, the festival programme and banners.

The campaign will be highlighted at the youth homepage www.erduklar.com, the parent homepage www.klarsnak.com, the festival homepage www.roskilde-festival.dk, as well as the Danish Brewers homepage www.bryggeriforeningen.dk

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1273561192450-1078 SABMiller

Multilateral cooperation on prevention the issue of Drinking & Driving embedded

Company Pivovary Topvar is active in the area of corporate social responsibility and responsible marketing in Slovakia. Beer which we have been serving to our consumers for almost 50 years, adds to enjoyment of life to majority of them. However we take care if our products are consumed irresponsibly and we engage also other stakeholders to cooperate with us to deal with this issue. We have established long-term cooperation with the non-governmental organization PRIMA which developes different programmes to prevent and deal with issues related to the irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Our another important partner is Ministry of Transport where Government Minister took Auspices over our projects for the 2nd time and supported the cooperation by financial and human resources.

The commitment is related to the area of increased consumers awareness about the issue of drinking & driving through promotion and increased usage of the special info service Pro Mole SMS as well as related communication activities. The service Pro Mole is primarily based on SMS application that enables mobile phone users to get the information on their actual blood alcohol content (BAC) and about the estimated time to reach zero level of the BAC. The intention is to direct attention of public to the issue of drinking & driving, increase awareness about existence of the Pro Mole SMS among drivers and increase the usage of this service. The enlargement of awareness will be realized through:
• Up-dated web page – www.promile.sk,
• Special Info posters and Promo Cards distributed through partner´s restaurants and pubs,
• Presence of the “Pro Mole team” of the NGO Prima with special educational demonstrations on all big events organized / sponsored by Pivovary Topvar ,
• Public Relations Campaign in media,
• Continuous internal communication

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1272976907303-1076 The Brewers of Europe

AssoBirra (Italian Brewers and Malsters Trade Association) - "Finding the right words: How parents and children can talk about alcohol". "

The campaign "Finding the right words: How parents and children can talk about alcohol" conducted by Associazione degli Industriali della Birra e del Malto (Italian Brewers and Maltsters Trade Association), hereafter AssoBirra, has received the support of the Ministry of Youth.
The initiative aims to encourage family dialogue between parents and children on the issue of responsible drinking. The campaign’s target is the family (parents and children) and the message is about the example set by parents, essential for making children aware of the difference between the consumption and the abuse of alcohol. This would make them capable of appropriately managing their behavior and to therefore avoid consuming alcohol even in case of peer pressure to do so. The campaign includes the following tools:
- A guide for parents prepared by a multidisciplinary group of experts (a general practitioner, a sociologist, a pedagogist, a psychologist and a psychiatrist), for talking about alcohol with their children in the right way.
- A dedicated section on the web site www.beviresponsabile.it/leparoleperdirlo where parents and children can find information and qualified advice and share their experiences. The section is subdivided into three rooms: one for parents, one for their children, and a “cross-generational” one dedicated to dialogue. In each room, visitors can leave messages, talk to experts and watch a video message by Amadeus, a cult radio and TV personality who is an expert on parent/child dialogue.
- To present and promote the campaign, a presentation event, a press office activity specifically on publications aimed at families, and a promotional campaign on social networks.

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1270717673561-1074 Association of small and independent breweries in Europe (SIB)

Beer - Beverage of moderation

The Association of small and independent breweries commits itself to product responsibility for the beers produced and marketed by its members. Beer is a moderately alcoholic beverage, which has been brewed and drunk by mankind for thousands of years. Beer is a culture beverage and part especially of the European drinking culture and history. Rightly, it is also called “the beverage of moderation” in the Anglo Saxon usage.

The Association of small and independent breweries in Europe and its members, however, are also aware of the fact that an excessive consumption of the product beer may impair or even damage one´s health.

Thus, a responsible consumption of the moderately alcoholic beverage beer is called for, in which the pleasure must be to the fore. The Association of small and independent breweries considers it to be its duty to achieve such a responsible handling.

As part of its involvement in the forum Alcohol and Health, the Association of small and independent breweries in Europe focuses its activities on the following subjects:

- Safeguarding and keeping of the regulations for the protection of children and young people as regards the sale of beer in shops and catering trade in the individual S.I.B. member states.

- Commitment against so-called “flat rate parties” (= all-you-can-drink parties) with alcoholic beverages in the catering trade and on the occasion of party events.

-Educational campaigns on the occasion of brewery tours and big brewery events informing about the responsible use of beer.

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1269351438055-1072 SABMiller

Program on responsible alcohol consumption

Our commitment is to initiate a social dialogue about responsible behavior including responsible alcohol consumption among Romanian adults, GOs and NGOs by creating a communication platform on the official website of Alcohol Responsibility Program, on www.desprealcool.ro/www.talkingalcohol.ro. As part of the commitment we will generate placements, occasions and images on the homepage to present views, opinions, data and information about responsible alcohol consumption. Visitors to the website could access appropriate, comprehensive information and familiarise themselves with the opinions of scientists, government officials, civil experts, well-known and influential people regarding responsible alcohol consumption. Integrated communications strategy including PR activities and media buying will be implemented in order to sustain awareness on alcohol responsibility and importance of public debate with interested stakeholders.

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1268238230817-1068 Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL)

Collaborative Recommendations on Alcohol Consumption and Cancer Control

European citizens look to their national cancer leagues for reliable advice on cancer control, especially information on prevention and treatment. While some leagues have developed educational information on alcohol and cancer for their populations, many have not. This commitment aims to provide a platform for European cancer leagues to discuss and agree on general information and advice for Europeans regarding alcohol use and risks for cancer, in order to develop a set of recommendations which can be adapted by the cancer leagues. Alcohol and its link to cancer has been a neglected area of work in many leagues, although alcohol consumption is a primary risk factor for cancer in high-income countries, and a leading risk factor in low- and middle-income countries. (World Health Organization, 7/08)

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