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1310395491464-1422 SABMiller

Bartenders Training on Responsible Consumption Program

Our commitment is to develop a program that addresses irresponsible alcohol consumption in on-trade locations. As part of their social life, young Romanians are exposed to the risk of excessive alcohol consumption when going out in bars and clubs. Also there is a risk of underage consumption in this context. The program focuses on key opinion leaders in on-trade alcohol consumption – bartenders. We consider bartenders as key factors in preventing excessive alcohol consumption in pubs and bars and also the main ones to discourage underage consumption in this context. We want to organize together with Barmania, Association of Professional Bartenders in Romania, trainings for bartenders in five cities in Romania where we have operations. As part of the commitment we will generate images, videos and interviews on the web site www.desprealcool.ro, the platform of "Find your balance" to present views, opinions, data and information about responsible alcohol consumption for the site visitors. In order to objectively test the qualitative impact of the training, a methodology will be developed and implemented by an independent research agency and youth and parenting NGOs will be invited as observers in the program.

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1310393546045-1420 SABMiller

Program on responsible alcohol consumption

Our commitment is to continue the social dialogue about responsible behavior including responsible alcohol consumption among Romanian adults, GOs and NGOs that we started by creating a communication platform on the official website of Alcohol Responsibility Program, on www.desprealcool.ro. As part of the commitment we will generate placements, occasions and images on the homepage to present views, opinions, data and information about responsible alcohol consumption. Visitors to the website could access appropriate, comprehensive information and familiarise themselves with the opinions of scientists, government officials, civil experts, well-known and influential people regarding responsible alcohol consumption. Integrated communications strategy including PR activities and media buying will be implemented in order to sustain awareness on alcohol responsibility and importance of public debate with interested stakeholders.

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1310380520505-1418 SABMiller

Communication platform about responsible alcohol consumption

Kompania Piwowarska, a SABMiller subsidiary actively promotes responsible alcohol consumption. One of the self-regulation activities is the responsibility messaging used on commercial communication and packaging. The message “During pregnancy I don’t drink alcohol” together with a hyperlink to the website www.abcalkoholu.pl (ABC of alcohol) aims to encourage responsible behavior related to alcoholic beverage consumption.
The purpose of the website www.abcalkoholu.pl is to help consumers to make informed decisions about alcohol. It publishes information about the risks of irresponsible alcohol consumption and provides links to other valuable alcohol-related sources. The website was based on SABMiller´s worldwide page www.talkingalcohol.com and was launched in Poland in 2009.
The commitment is related to the upgrade of the existing website in order to create wider communication platform using social media. The intention is to extend the content and improve quality of the website www.abcalkoholu.pl to provide the most relevant information to larger group of consumers in Poland, create Facebook fanpage and offer link to YouTube channel. We will present expert views, opinions, data, information and recommendation about responsible alcohol consumption, covering most important issues in Poland like underage drinking, drinking and driving and drinking during pregnancy. New iPhone application will be introduced to increase the number of consumers checking their blood alcohol concentration. We will seek cooperation with one of the major mobile services operator in Poland in order to increase the number of phone users installing the application on their mobile phones. Integrated communication strategy including PR activities and media buying will be implemented in order to strengthen the knowledge about alcohol responsibility and importance of public debate with interested stakeholders.

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1307370599371-1416 The Brewers of Europe

"The Union of Polish Brewing Industry Employers in Poland – Polish Brewers" - "Own-initiative compliance monitoring"

The Code of Commercial Communications of the Polish Brewers has been upgraded and introduced into the Advertising Ethics Code of the Advertising Council (Rada Reklamy) in Poland as a special regulations chapter covering beer commercial communications. The Advertising Ethics Code serves various industries and is the only cross-industry self regulation system in Poland.
At the moment, the Polish Brewers' self-regulation system meets 6 operational standards for beer commercial communications: full code coverage, increased code compliance, impartial judgement, fast complaints procedure, effective sanctions in place and increased consumer awareness. The current commitment is to fulfill the 7th standard by putting in place a systematic monitoring and reviewing of code functioning.
This commitment is a step towards the ongoing implementation of The Brewers of Europe's European commitment entitled "Commercial communications for beer: The Brewers of Europe's 7 operational standards".

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1302096951218-1414 Alcohol Action Ireland

service finder and information leaflets

The service finder is an online service for those looking for help with alcohol problems. It is designed from a service user perspective and will allow people to seek services by area, and by 'who needs help?'. Search results will appear in a list of contact details for relevant services and locations will be shown on a map. The service finder will meet a gap in current service provision as there is no such service available in Ireland for people looking for help with alcohol problems. We anticipate that the service will also be used by GPs (family doctors) and other service providers who wish to refer clients to appropriate alcohol services.
We are also in the process of developing leaflets targeting two sub-populations who suffer health inequalities in relation to alcohol use: women and older people. Both leaflets will be piloted with groups representing the needs and rights of women and older people respectively. In addition to hard copies, the leaflets will be available in PDF format so they can be downloaded from our website. We also intend to post a copy of each leaflet accompanied by a cover letter to all GPs in Ireland. These leaflets will build on the success of our leaflet Is Alcohol Affecting Your Family?

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1301583648505-1404 European Public Health Alliance

Dissemination of information on European alcohol policy developments (continuous commitment)

EPHA will ensure the exchange of information in the following ways:

1. EPHA will provide its members with an update on alcohol policy that will be presented during the monthly EPHA Policy Coordination Meeting. Written updates are distributed at the meeting and made available to members at our website.
2. EPHA will organise alcohol working groups linked to the meetings of the Alcohol Forum. The working groups establish a formal space for an exchange of information and a discussion of key NGO priorities on alcohol. The working groups are minuted and a list of action points is distributed to all EPHA and EUROCARE members working on alcohol-related issues.
3. EPHA will host two health determinants special interest group meetings per year. The special interest group brings together those members working on health determinants and alcohol policy is a permanent agenda point. The minutes from the special interest group and action points are made available to our members at our website.
4. EPHA will continue to use its alcohol mailing list to contact members with news, information on events, or consultation on internal EPHA policy decisions.
5. EPHA will publish all documents prepared by the Secretariat in the members' only section of the monthly EPHA newsletter. Other relevant news items relating to alcohol will be made publicly available on the website and in the newsletter.

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1300719006243-1402 SpiritsEUROPE (formerly CEPS & EFRD)

spiritsEUROPE Roadmap 2015

With the spiritsEUROPE roadmap 2015, the European Spirits sector renews its commitment to develop and strengthen its role in reducing the level of alcohol related harm in the EU over the next five years. It is our conviction that behavioural and cultural change is the key to reducing alcohol-related harm. To achieve this, multi-stakeholder long term approaches that focus on targeted interventions aiming at positively impacting consumption patterns need to be undertaken.

The spiritsEUROPE roadmap 2015 is articulated around three pillars:
* enhance responsible commercial communication
*encourage responsible drinking
* engage more stakeholders

spiritsEUROPE is committing to annually deliver a public report tracking the implementation targeted actions and interventions of the three pillars listed above.

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1299157335833-1390 European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)

"The Drink Driving Policy Network" Programme

The aim of the "Drink Driving Policy Network" Programme for the years 2011-2012 is to contribute to reducing alcohol-related road deaths and injuries through the identification and promotion of best practice in both policy and advocacy. ETSC will be committed to tackle drink driving in Europe through a systemic and evidence-based approach and will gather information on European countries' progress in reducing deaths from drink driving crashes. Among the main activities within the Programme there will be: the dissemination of a Compendium on best practices in the area of Drinking and Driving, aiming at analysing and evaluating the levels of enforcement and awareness raising activities in four European countries; a high-level seminar in Brussels, aiming at involving decision makers, discussing the EU countries' drink driving performance in relation to ongoing policy debates, ensuring a balanced attendance and lively debate, attracting media and creating a momentum to spark further road safety efforts; a Ranking of EU countries based on their performance in reducing drink driving; a regular newsletter focusing on monitoring and commenting on drink driving legislation and activity in the EU and in the Member States.

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1299064572180-1388 SpiritsEUROPE (formerly CEPS & EFRD)

Market Responsibly: Training Road Shows across Europe

Collective agreement between spiritsEUROPE, advertising agencies (EACA), self-regulation enforcement bodies (EASA) and advertisers (WFA) to organise a training campaign on the spiritsEUROPE Guidelelines for the development of responsible marketing communications, with a special focus on digital media communication. The trainings will span over a three-years from the guidelines adoption, and cover more than half of the EU countries, while updating the online training tool: www.marketresponsibly.eu.

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1298913556062-1386 The Absolute Company

Promotion of alcohol abstinence among underage youth

As a producer of alcoholic drinks The Absolut Company is committed to a moderate and sensible use of alcohol. This is based on a general social perspective and corporate citizenship but also on the realization that a sustainable consumption pattern is a pre-requisite for sustainable business activity. Although there is some evidence that alcohol consumption among underage is not longer increasing but may be decreasing over-all, the prevalence of underage consumption is still unacceptable. Industry contribution to efforts to convince youth of the unsuitability of underage consumption contributes resources to this Forum priority and, maybe most importantly, it makes clear that the message is shared not only by government and NGOs but also by the very providers of alcoholic drinks. In addition, in spite of public sector commitment to alcohol education in schools, there is evidence that half of all pupils had never encountered such education in schools and that there was an obvious need for quality programmes that teachers would actually use.

The Absolut Company through its corporate predecessors initiated the Teach About Alcohol school programme. Supported mainly by the regional companies in the Pernod Ricard group but also with additional backing from organizations and companies in the alcohol industry, the programme has proven popular in Sweden and has been used as a basis for similar programmes in Denmark and Finland.

We are therefore committing staff time and financing to the continued operation of the Teach About Alcohol school programmes in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. In addition we undertake to introduce it in Estonia. The programme includes materials and guidance for classroom activities, for involvement of parents and for school planning (implementation strategy).

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