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1340360733800-1532 The Brewers of Europe

Self-regulating beer advertising across social media

This commitment builds upon The Brewers of Europe's pioneering commitment to implement across the EU 7 Operational Standards for effective and comprehensive self-regulatory systems governing beer advertising. One of the key advantages of self-regulation is its ability to adapt quickly to changing developments, both in expectations from citizens and policy makers but also in the regulatory and media landscape.
One such development is the growing presence of social media in the lives of EU citizens. With that opportunity comes the responsibility to advertise responsibly. Whilst the rules of Spanish Self Regulation Code on Responsible Commercial Communications for Beer already cover all advertising, the structure of social media also provides tools to greater facilitate, for example, the targeting of adult consumers.
Cerveceros de España is therefore updating its Self Regulation Code to enable brewing companies to ensure that beer advertising is conducted responsibly and that the technological tools available are used to guarantee implementation. Alongside this brewing companies and national associations will ensure that their own codes and guidelines contain specific provisions in relation to social media.
Building on its commitment to partner with any relevant stakeholder sharing its vision with regard to social responsiblity, Cerveceros de España is partnering with Facebook, through the Brewers of Europe, the largest and most widely recognised social network, in order to develop best practise that can be reciprocated by other parties wishing to ensure responsible advertising on social media.

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1340360173563-1530 The Brewers of Europe

"Un dedo de espuma, dos dedos de frente"

“Un dedo de espuma, dos dedos de frente” is a social awareness campaign which aims to prevent abusive beer consumption, and to educate about the importance of moderate and responsible consumption, especially by young adult s (18- 30 years). The campaign is run in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and two Consumer Organisations, with the support from Regional Governments.

Until 2008, the campaign only used traditional means to communicate the message such as postcards and a basic (not too well-known) website. In 2008 in order to further enhance the effectiveness of the campaign, we added the following tools, through:
- more interactive website (utilising it both for encouraging campaign participation and for communicating the campaign’s message)
- Interlinking the website with further digital communication platforms e.g. social networking sites (such as facebook and myspace), youtube, online advertising, segmented mail, blogging, banners, SMS, WAP, etc., thereby also helping to increase knowledge of the website.
- Developing additional partnerships and support, particularly with further Regional Governments in Spain.

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1340359499766-1528 The Brewers of Europe

"UN EMBARAZO SIN" (A pregnancy without alcohol) and "UNA LACTANCIA SIN" (Breastfeeding without alcohol"

Since 2009, the Spanish Brewers Association has been funding and supporting, in partnership with the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO), the "Un embarazo SIN" campaign.

The campaign has two targets: pregnant and breast-feeding women and secondly,gynaecologists and obstetrics. “Un embarazo SIN” helps to raise awareness of gynaecologists, obstetrics, pregnant and breastfeeding women on the message that drinking and pregnancy are totally incompatible.
"Una Lactancia SIN" will aimed to Pregnant and Breastfedding women with the same message "drinking and pregnancy " are not compatible but , in this case, through the Midwives National Association.

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1340277485157-1526 The Brewers of Europe

La Carretera te pide SIN

Since 2000 the Spanish Brewers have been funding and supporting, in partnership with many different stakeholders, the "La Carretera te pide SIN" road safety campaign.

Every summer a media campaign is run to reinforce the message of this campaign. Following the launch of the Alcohol and Health Forum in June 2007, a new cinema spot was brought into the campaign. Building on the success of using different media, the Spanish Brewers broaded the scope further in 2008 and used the internet as an additional tool to convey the messages against drinking and driving, as it is considered one of the most important media vehicles nowadays to reach people.

“La Carretera te pide SIN”, which also relies on the support of 15 parties (7 more than in 2007) working on the area of road safety in Spain, helps to raise awareness of drivers and pupils of the driving-schools on the message that drinking and driving are totally incompatible.

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1339519699853-1524 Alcohol Action Ireland

development of www.drinkhelp.ie

Alcohol Action Ireland will further develop the website www.drinkhelp.ie with the aim of providing a range of consumers with clear information on alcohol and on what they can do to reduce alcohol-related harms.

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1334850860383-1518 European Midwives Association

Raising awareness of harmful alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Midwives are gatekeepers and can play an essential health promotion and disease prevention role in the provision of preconception and antenatal care in order to reduce alcohol related harm. Through the commitment to the mission of EAHF, EMA is dedicated in working through its members for them to influence national health policies that support midwives' activities in working closely and effectively with women, in order to reduce and avoid the adverse effects of hazardous alcohol consumption.
To increase the awareness of harmful alcohol consumption during pregnancy and in order to provide evidence based advise to women and their families, midwives need to be regularly updated with developments of the European alcohol policy.

EMA will enhance the distribution of information amongst its members through a number of activities on an ongoing basis:
a) Dissemination of information and up-dates on developments of European alcohol policy through EMA website and newsletter
b) Setting alcohol and pregnancy as one of the main key topics at EMA's General Meeting 2012
c) Collaboration with EAHF members and other interested stakeholders especially patients organsisation

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1334570650538-1514 World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

Responsible Marketing Pact: Driving the implementation of the 70/30 rule as a standard alcohol beverage industry advertising practice

Self-regulatory rules governing the placement of alcohol marketing communications, and thereby limiting undue exposure of minors to alcohol marketing communications, are currently in place across sectors and companies in the EU. A number of alcohol beverage companies and some national systems have adopted rules whereby alcohol beverage marketing communications may only be placed where the audience is reasonably expected to be composed of at least 70% of people above the legal purchase age. This rule is known as the “70/30 rule”. The rule is currently applied by parts of the industry and in some countries, but it is not a common baseline standard across Europe. It is furthermore not yet subject to independent oversight by national self-regulatory organisations (SROs).
This commitment aims to:
- Promote the integration of the 70/30 rule into national self-regulatory codes and systems.
- Enable enforcement of this rule by national SROs (members of the European Advertising Standards Alliance - EASA).
- Carry out, for the first time ever, cross-industry third-party monitoring of the application of this rule.
WFA and the individual company co-owners of this commitment will work closely with EASA and national SROs, relevant alcohol beverage sector associations, as well as other advertising and media industry partners.

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1333698244582-1510 Bacardi Martini

Bacardi Limited Champions Drink Responsibly

To drive consumer re-appraisal and engagement with the responsibly drinking issue and communicate messages advising consumers of the benefits of drinking alcohol in a responsible manner.

The Champions Drink Responsibly project is an integrated communication and engagement campaign that combines multi-stakeholder communications via advertising, consumer engagements, public relations, and digital.
To drive campaign engagement to our primary audience of LDA - 35 years old Bacardi Limited has teamed up with Rafael Nadal as the Bacardi Limited Global Social Responsibility Ambassador and the figure head of the Champions Drink Responsibly campaign. Rafael Nadal is committed to supporting the educating of people to drink responsibly and as one of the most famous tennis players in the world (10 Time Grand Slam Winner) is an ideal role model and fit for the campaign.

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1331045956873-1508 Royal College of Physicians, London

Raising Awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer (provisional title)

The Royal College of Physicians will produce a report to provide an overview of the evidence of the link between alcohol intake and cancer and seek to raise awareness of the links amongst the general public, policy-makers and health professionals. We aim to put forward a positive message that will enable individuals to take action to reduce their risk.

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1330546873860-1506 SABMiller

Family Based Approaches to prevent alcohol misuse

SABMiller is committed to providing its consumers with accurate and balanced information relating to alcohol consumption and to working with partners to address the harms caused by irresponsible consumption. SABMiller has committed to supporting research undertaken by Demos, one of the UK's leading think-tanks, into the impact that alcohol abuse has on families and the role that different parenting styles have on excessive drinking behaviour in 18 to 25 year olds.
On 1st March 2012 in partnership with two of the UK's leading alcohol and drugs charities, Adfam and Addaction, Demos will begin research into family-based approaches to prevent alcohol misuse. Together, they will conduct the first ever large-scale detailed piece of research into the difficulties that problem families face in respect of alcohol misuse and what support they need.
The research and policy recommendations will be undertaken wholly independently of SABMiller. SABMiller has requested that the research draws on the insights of a wide pool of experts to ensure that it is accurate and balanced, reflecting fully the impact that parenting styles have on future drinking patterns, excessive drinking and the family unit as a whole. The research will be overseen by a steering committee comprising of academics, public health specialists, industry bodies and SABMiller. Demos have full editorial control of the research which reflects the input and broad expertise of the steering group. The research will aim to provide new insight into what types of interventions will be most effective at helping families deal with alcohol-related problems.
Demos is an independent think tank exploring policy solutions to a range of social and economic problems. Its goal is to seek progressive solutions to policy problems, which empower and build the capabilities of the most vulnerable or excluded. This project will be led by Jonathan Birdwell, researcher and co-author of the Demos report Taking Drugs Seriously: a Demos and UK Drug Policy Commission Report on Legal Highs and Jamie Bartlett, author of Under the Influence.
Adfam is the national umbrella organisation that provides advice and practical guidance to groups and individuals working to support families affected by drug and alcohol misuse.
Addaction is the UK's leading specialist drug and alcohol treatment charity. They have over 40 years experience of working to help transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems.

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