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1363349579925-1608 The Brewers of Europe

Union of Brewers of Bulgaria (UBB) - Sport is the better way for children to grow up

Under the umbrella of The Brewers of Europe's Beer Pledge, this commitment is an initiative of the Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) to discourage underage drinking. The brewing sector is mindful of the problems associated with underage drinking. To this end it has produced numerous educational programmes and campaigns to discourage drinking by people under the legal drinking age.
The UBB project up-grades the activities of the 2010 – 2012 education programme “Parents, talk to your children about alcohol”: to help parents to explain the dangers of excessive consumption and minors experimenting with alcohol. The goal of the 2012 campaign is to promote family sport and physical exercise as an alternative to underage drinking, and to encourage parents to motivate teenagers to practice sports. In 2013 UBB will organise sport events for parents and children in partnership with Governmental institutions (Ministry of Labour & Social Policy; Ministry of Physical Education & Sports ), the Municipal Daily Consultation Centre for Minors and Parents (PIC, Sofia), structures of the Municipality of Sofia, and NGO Solidarnost. During the events advice points for parents/visitors will be provided by the partners. A radio clip with the messages of the campaign will be run by a Bulgarian national radio.
UBB will continue to make donations to Sofia Municipality to maintain sport facilities in several districts of Sofia, where physical activities are practised by adults and minors.
During the commitment period will be circulated leaflets to promote healthy lifestyle with sport and brochures informing about the partner organisations, where parents/teachers can have prevention advice and guidance on the problems associated with teenage experimentation with alcohol.
During the commitment period a nationally representative survey (respondents 18+) will be run on the awareness of the campaign and communicated messages . At the end of the commitment, the results of the campaign will be announced publicly.

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1361364517255-1606 Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les boissons alcoolisées (IREB)

Ireb first alcohology congress

For the first time, the Ireb organizes, in Paris, a congress of alcohology on the 14th of March 2013.
This one day meeting is built around three topical issues exposed by scientists working on these issues:
-alcohol and intestinal microbiota,
-which place for the drug in the treatment of alcoholic disease ?
-alcohol and cancer.
and a conference given by Boris Cyrulnik on traumatic memory.
This conference is opened to the public, free of charge but registration is needed. See details on the website (link below).

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1361295295589-1604 Visita - Swedish Hospitality Industry (former Swedish Hotel & Restaurant Association, SHR)

Continued actions for responsible service of alcohol

1. Visita will continue it´s participation together with authorities in projects like STAD (Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems) in Stockholm and RUS (Restaurants Development Co-operation) in Gothenburg with the purpose to through education and research reduce alcohol-related harm and in particular service to under-age and intoxicated people.
2. Visita will in advicing members on matters concerning alcohol issues emphasize the importance of not serving under-age or intoxicated people.
3. Visita will thru advertising make it clear that Visita's members - according to law and Visita's Ethic rules - do not serve alcohol to under-age or intoxicated people.
4. Visita will - in cooperation with authorities and other parties - arrange at least one larger meeting for establishments serving alcohol (including non-members of Visita and inform of the importance of responsible service of alcohol and the importance of cooperating with the authorities concerning these questions.
5. Visita will market and sell the book ''Responsible handling of alcohol''.
6. According to the member-rules in Visita´s Ethic rules the members of Visita have to serve alcohol in a responsible way. Visita will - on different occasions - remind it´s members of the importance of this rule.
7. Visita will attend HOTREC and Alcohol Forum-meetings and inform it´s members of questions discussed and decisions taken there.
8. Visita will during HOTRECs meetings related to alcohol issues contribute to the exchange of information between the national associations in HOTREC on questions concerning reduction of alcohol-related harm.

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1360674129913-1600 Pernod-Ricard S.A.

"Responsible Party", implementation in Europe, 2nd Edition

Studies show a disturbing trend of some young adults facing problems of excessive and/or inappropriate drinking within student parties in Europe. Pernod Ricard has decided to address this issue. Two years ago, when we launched the first edition of the program, Responsible Party was and still is the first pan European program targeting a sensitive target: young adults.
We have established a relationship of trust with our main student partner (Erasmus Student Network), a key success factor in the program. We have now decided to take it a step further.
The aim is to create with and for students a pragmatic toolkit with a specific a peer-to-peer approach raising awareness among young Europeans. In the past students were directly involved in the implementation and development of the program and it will continue.

Since Pernod Ricard operates on a decentralized model, we will maintain or extend
1. Our European partnerships with relevant stakeholders such as Erasmus Student Network (ESN). We are currently looking for new partners.
2. Our work with our network of European affiliates to implement the program in their country

To make the program efficient and well-known among student associations and especially among ESN, we are currently working on the following items:
Communication: make the program more efficient and attractive by using a set of tools (including digital and social media)
- A dedicated website containing information, recommendations, facts and figures on alcohol
- A Facebook page to provide information on the Responsible Parties organized
- A communication campaign: a contest launched in December 2012 to renew the 5 existing posters on peer pressure, binge drinking and drink driving. The campaign will be used for the next few years. Useful tips, information flyers on responsible drinking, clips and a Responsible Party guide to help ESN are being updated
- A designated driver system
- The distribution of breathalysers, condoms and other gadgets by Responsible Party Ambassadors
During the parties, ESN volunteers are Responsible Party Ambassadors

Education and training: raise awareness among young adults on the risks of alcohol misuse by doing conference and by training Responsible Party Ambassadors with the development of a new e-learning

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1356944935401-1596 Finnish Hospitality Association (FHA)

Enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages

Finnish Hospitality Association (MaRa) will encourage its member companies to enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages. MaRa will make guidelines to member companies as an important part of member's self-regulation for the purpose of not to serving and selling alcohol to people under 18 years of age. MaRa will also educate its members by emphasizing the importance of serving and selling alcohol in responsible way. MaRa will regularly inform these matters in Vitriini magazine which circulation is 10.500 copies. MaRa will attend HOTREC and EAHF meetings and inform its member companies of matters discussed and decisions taken there.

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1356687978144-1594 The Absolute Company

Promotion of alcohol abstinence among underage youth (3)

As a producer of alcoholic drinks The Absolut Company is committed to a moderate and sensible use of alcohol. This is based on a general social perspective and corporate citizenship but also on the realization that a sustainable consumption pattern is a pre-requisite for sustainable business activity. Although there is some evidence that alcohol consumption among underage is not longer increasing but may be decreasing over-all, the prevalence of underage consumption is still unacceptable. Industry contribution to efforts to convince youth of the unsuitability of underage consumption contributes resources to this Forum priority and, maybe most importantly, it makes clear that the message is shared not only by government and NGOs but also by the very providers of alcoholic drinks. In addition, in spite of public sector commitment to alcohol education in schools, there is evidence that many pupils have never encountered such education in schools and that there was an obvious need for quality programmes that teachers would actually use.

The Absolut Company through its corporate predecessors supported the original development by non-industry education professionals and the launch of the Teach About Alcohol school programme in Sweden. The programme proved popular and receives today broad support from industry. On the initiative and with the support of The Absolut Company and the regional companies in the Pernod Ricard group, versions have been developed for Denmark, Finland and Estonia, some of them receiving support also from other industry sources.

We are committing staff time and financing to the continued operation of the Teach About Alcohol school programmes in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. In addition we undertake to introduce it in Latvia. The programme includes materials and guidance for classroom activities, for involvement of parents and for school planning (implementation strategy).

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1355753778092-1592 HORECA Vlaanderen

Dealing with alcohol - Action Plan 2013-2014

1. New covenant concerning behaviour and publicity concerning alcoholic drinks

The covenant of 2005 will be renegociated. Publicity on alcohol will be more restricted. Horeca Vlaanderen will sign the new covenant and will promote the implementation of the covenant in the sector.

2. Implementation of “Quality Nights”

In the last year we were partner in the development of “Quality Nights”, a quality label for discotheques. In the mean time the lable is created. Some of the criteria to obtain the label are alcohol-related. Discotheques have to provide free water and all personell have to follow a specific training on how to deal with alcohol abuse and alcohol related violence. From now on Horeca Vlaanderen will cooperate with VAD to convince as much discotheques as possible to obtain the label.

3. Sensibilisation of horeca-entrepreneurs for a justified use of alcohol

Especially during the festive period at the end of the year, a lot of people are seduced to use more alcohol than is safe. We plan to give information and alternatives to horeca entrepreneurs to combine the atmosphere of festival with a safe use of alcohol.

4. Organization of training programma’s

The horeca-entrepreneur has in Belgian law quite some responsability when there are signs of alcohol abuse in the establishment. We plan to organize more training for entrepreneurs and their personell to deal with alcohol abuse and with alcohol (and other drug) related violence.

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1354556324545-1586 Institut de Recherches Scientifiques sur les boissons alcoolisées (IREB)

Scientific one day meeting

Organisation of a one day meeting on 2012 December the 5th dedicated to the alcohol consumption of young people. Eleven scientits will participate to this conference open to public (registration is needed). This day will be divided in three symposia. The first one will present the evolution in the alcohol consumption of young people in France (epidemiological, clinical and sociological aspects) in France and in Europe. The second one will be dedicated to the patterns and to the effects of the alcohol consumption (from the animal model to the human) and the third one will be consecrated to the prevention (different actors : parents, peers, teachers ... and how to manage it).

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1354533854036-1584 HOTREC

Raising awareness of National Associations / Call for actions

HOTREC will inform regularly its National Member Associations on the activities of the Alcohol Forum.
HOTREC will encourage National Associations to develop their activities in relation to the objectives of the Charter establishing the Alcohol Forum in view of reducing alcohol-abuse related harms, as well as to develop their activities in relation to the objectives of similar fora possibly established at national level. The following priority areas should be emphasised:
- Develop information and education programmes on responsible patterns of consumption;
- Enforce age limits for serving and selling alcoholic beverages.
HOTREC will invite its National Associations to make commitments within the framework of the Alcohol Forum.
HOTREC will organise the exchange of information between National Associations on activities related to the Alcohol Forum and similar fora.
HOTREC will facilitate the dialogue and cooperation between its Member Associations and other Members of the Alcohol Forum.

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1353409558426-1582 SABMiller

Age verification in digital engagement

The Policy of Commercial Communication (POCC) provides SABMiller companies with consistent minimum content and placement standards for commercial communication including digital media.
In order to enhance our existing practice in preventing underage appeal of our commercial communication activities, we commit to use age verification procedure on all platforms we use for direct engagement (e.g. brand websites, brand Facebook and Twitter accounts, mobile applications) in digital media to ensure that our commercial communication is directed at legal drinking age consumers. We will use available technology, for example age gate, profile check, registration database, metadata and session cookies to prevent those below the legal drinking age from accessing our digital brand platforms. This commitment in particular is building on the Brewers Pledge and aims at supporting its implementation. The same way we understand it as a contribution to the WFA Responsible Marketing Pact.

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