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Notification details - 2014.0257

magnesium aspartate unauthorised in food supplement from the United States, via Poland, via the Netherlands, via Hungary, via the United Kingdom and via the Czech Republic
food - information for follow-up - official control on the market
distribution to other member countries
Lithuania (LT)
food supplement
information for follow-up
dietetic foods, food supplements, fortified foods
not serious
has never been published
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
inf01 Lithuania 25/02/2014 additional information
inf02 Poland 06/03/2014 outcome of investigations
inf03 Czech Republic 11/03/2014 additional information
inf04 Estonia 25/03/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
add01 Hungary 27/03/2014 outcome of investigations
inf05 Hungary 27/03/2014 outcome of investigations
inf06 Commission Services 28/03/2014 withdrawal of follow-up notification
inf07 Ireland 31/03/2014 measures taken
inf08 Ireland 31/03/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf09 Bulgaria 07/04/2014 outcome of investigations
inf10 Cyprus 08/04/2014 outcome of investigations
inf11 Finland 09/04/2014 outcome of investigations
inf12 Slovenia 10/04/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf13 Finland 10/04/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf14 Commission Services 11/04/2014 corrigendum Follow-up -inf12 (#125232) was created by Slovenia and not Slovakia.
inf15 Ireland 28/04/2014 additional information
add02 Slovakia 30/04/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf16 Lithuania 06/05/2014 outcome of investigations
inf17 Bosnia and Herzegovina 18/09/2014 follow-up from non-member country
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
magnesium aspartate unauthorised composition 19/02/2014
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Austria (D) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D) Bulgaria (D) Commission Services  Cyprus (D) Czech Republic (O) Estonia (D) Finland (D) France (D) Germany (D) Hungary (O) Ireland (D) Latvia (D) Lithuania (D) Netherlands (O) Poland (D/O) Serbia (D) Slovakia  Slovenia (D) Ukraine (D) United Kingdom (D/O) United States (O)