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Notification details - 2014.0167

glycine and citrulline unauthorised and unauthorised substances arginine alphaketoglutarate, ornithine alphaketogluturate, arginine pyroglutamate, arginine ethyl ester, norvaline, theanine, N-acetylglutamine and glutamine alphaketoglutarate in food supplement from Poland
food - information for follow-up - official control on the market
withdrawal from the market
no distribution from notifying country
Norway (NO)
food supplement
information for follow-up
dietetic foods, food supplements, fortified foods
not serious
has never been published
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
add01 Poland 19/02/2014 outcome of investigations
inf01 Spain 21/03/2014 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf02 Luxembourg 24/02/2015 additional information
inf03 Commission Services 25/02/2015 withdrawal of follow-up notification
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
citrulline unauthorised composition
glycine unauthorised composition
unauthorised substance N-acetylglutamine composition
unauthorised substance arginine alphaketoglutarate composition
unauthorised substance arginine ethyl ester composition
unauthorised substance arginine pyroglutamate composition
unauthorised substance glutamine alphaketoglutarate composition
unauthorised substance norvaline composition
unauthorised substance ornithine alphaketogluturate composition
unauthorised substance theanine composition
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Belarus (D) Commission Services  Luxembourg  Norway (D) Poland (D/O) Russia (D) Spain (D)