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Notification details - 2011.0706

Salmonella Mbandaka and Salmonella Worthington in organic soy cake from Italy, via Germany
feed - information for follow-up - company's own check
physical/chemical treatment
information on distribution not (yet) available
Sweden (SE)
organic soy cake
information for follow-up
feed materials
has been published before
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
inf01 Commission Services 03/06/2011 corrigendum The notification's classification is changed into "information for follow-up".
add01 Germany 10/06/2011 measures taken
add02 Sweden 22/06/2011 additional information
add03 Italy 23/06/2011 additional information
add04 Italy 23/06/2011 additional information
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
Salmonella enterica ser. Mbandaka pathogenic micro-organisms 04/02/2011
Salmonella enterica ser. Worthington pathogenic micro-organisms 04/02/2011
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Commission Services  Denmark (D) France (D) Germany (D/O) Italy (O) Spain (D) Sweden (D)