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1. alert 14/06/2019 2019.2173 Italy hepatitis A virus (presence /2g) and high count of Escherichia coli (up to 940 MPN/100g) in live clams from Italy bivalve molluscs and products thereof food serious Details
2. alert 11/06/2019 2019.2128 Luxembourg migration of melamine (up to 16.97 mg/kg - ppm) from melamine plates from China, via Denmark food contact materials FCM serious Details
3. information for follow-up 03/06/2019 2019.2022 Italy high count of Escherichia coli in herbal infusion from Italy, produced in Spain, with raw material from Germany cocoa and cocoa preparations, coffee and tea food undecided Details
4. alert 29/05/2019 2019.1976 Germany Salmonella (presence /25g) in sunflower seeds from Bulgaria nuts, nut products and seeds food serious Details
5. information for attention 24/05/2019 2019.1927 Italy hepatitis A virus (presence /25g) in mixed frozen berries from Italy, with raw material from Ukraine, Lithuania and Romania fruits and vegetables food serious Details