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Notification details - 2015.0168 withdrawn

traces of almond (306 mg/kg - ppm) in ground cumin from Turkey
food - alert - official control on the market
recall from consumers
distribution to other member countries
United Kingdom (GB)
ground cumin
herbs and spices
has been published before
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
inf01 Spain 27/02/2015 outcome of investigations
fup2 Turkey 19/03/2015 follow-up from non-member country
fup3 Spain 20/05/2015 outcome of investigations
fup4 United Kingdom 01/07/2015 withdrawal of original notification The Food Standards Agency has rescinded the recall of ground cumin sold by the company and detailed in the Allergy Alert originally issued on 31st January 2015. The affected product had tested positive for the presence of almond protein which is not declared on the label. The level of almond protein detected was considered to be a risk to people with an allergy to almond. The company subsequently produced test results from samples of the same material that contradicted the positive result. There is no evidence that the contamination was a result of fraudulent activity.
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
traces of almond allergens 306 mg/kg - ppm 29/01/2015
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Canada (D) INFOSAN  Portugal (D) Spain (D) Turkey (O) United Kingdom (D)