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Notification details - 2015.0124

Listeria monocytogenes (presence /25g) in cooked beef tongues blocks from the Netherlands
food - alert - company's own check
recall from consumers
distribution to other member countries
Belgium (BE)
cooked beef tongues blocks
meat and meat products (other than poultry)
has been published before
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
inf01 Belgium 03/02/2015 additional information
inf02 Luxembourg 05/02/2015 outcome of investigations and measures taken
inf03 Netherlands 06/02/2015 outcome of investigations
inf04 Belgium 16/02/2015 corrigendum #193712: The Dutch operator supplies the Belgian operator with big blocks of beef tongue, already cooked. The Belgian operator makes smaller slices of these big blocks. The sample was taken on the raw materials “blocks of beef tongue, already cooked” and not on the sliced beef tongue.
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
Listeria monocytogenes microbial contaminants (other) presence /25g 20/01/2015
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Belgium (D) Germany (D) Luxembourg (D) Netherlands (O)