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Notification details - 2015.0011 withdrawn

migration of cadmium (0.376 mg/kg - ppm) from canned pear halves in light syrup from China
food - information for attention - official control on the market
recall from consumers
distribution restricted to notifying country
Poland (PL)
canned pear halves in light syrup
information for attention
fruits and vegetables
has been published before
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
fup1 Poland 05/06/2015 withdrawal of original notification Withdrawal of original notification: Due to inappropriate official sampling (according to Commission Regulation (EC) No 333/2007 the aggregate sample shall be at least 1 kg or 1 litre, which was not the case) results of laboratory analysis cannot lead to trigger the enforcement measures. Therefore we would like to kindly ask for withdrawal of original notification.
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
migration of cadmium metals 0.376 mg/kg - ppm 10/09/2015
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
China (O) Poland (D)