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Notification details - 1999.45

dioxins in chicken meat and eggs from Belgium
Food - alert -
Belgium (BE)
chicken meat and eggs
poultry meat and poultry meat products
has never been published
Follow-up :
Reference Follow-up from Date Follow-up type Info
add001 Belgium 28/05/1999 additional information
add002 Belgium 03/06/1999 measures taken
add003 Commission Services 03/06/1999 measures taken
add004 Belgium 03/06/1999 measures taken
add005 Belgium 03/06/1999 measures taken
add006 Belgium 04/06/1999 measures taken
add007 Netherlands 04/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add008 Commission Services 04/06/1999 measures taken
add010 Spain 04/06/1999 measures taken
add009 France 05/06/1999 additional information
add011 Belgium 05/06/1999 additional information
add012 Belgium 05/06/1999 measures taken
add014 Belgium 07/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add015 Belgium 07/06/1999 measures taken
add016 Netherlands 07/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add017 Belgium 07/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add013 Belgium 08/06/1999 measures taken
add018 Commission Services 08/06/1999 measures taken
add019 Commission Services 08/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add020 Portugal 08/06/1999 measures taken
add021 Austria 09/06/1999 measures taken
add022 Netherlands 09/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add023 Commission Services 09/06/1999 measures taken
add024 Commission Services 09/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add025 Luxembourg 09/06/1999 measures taken
add026 Belgium 09/06/1999 outcome of investigations and measures taken
add027 United Kingdom 09/06/1999 measures taken
add028 France 10/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add029 Spain 10/06/1999 measures taken
add030 France 10/06/1999 measures taken
add031 Finland 11/06/1999 measures taken
add032 Italy 11/06/1999 measures taken
add033 France 11/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add034 France 14/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add035 Netherlands 14/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add036 Belgium 15/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add037 Netherlands 16/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add038 Netherlands 16/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add039 France 16/06/1999 measures taken
add040 Netherlands 16/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add041 Netherlands 16/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add042 France 17/06/1999 measures taken
add043 Germany 17/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add044 Netherlands 17/06/1999 corrigendum
add046 Germany 18/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add047 Germany 18/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add045 Netherlands 19/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add048 Belgium 19/06/1999 measures taken
add050-1 France 21/06/1999 measures taken
add050-2 Netherlands 21/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add050-3 Commission Services 21/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add051 Netherlands 21/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add052 Italy 22/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add053 Netherlands 22/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add054 Belgium 23/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add055 France 23/06/1999 measures taken
add056 Iceland 23/06/1999 measures taken
add058 Greece 24/06/1999 measures taken
add059 France 24/06/1999 measures taken
add057 Germany 25/06/1999 additional lot(s)
add060 France 25/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add061 Belgium 30/06/1999 outcome of investigations
add062 France 14/07/1999 measures taken
add063 Belgium 14/07/1999 outcome of investigations
add064 Commission Services 19/07/1999 request
add065 Belgium 19/07/1999 outcome of investigations
add066 Belgium 19/07/1999 outcome of investigations
add068 Belgium 27/07/1999 outcome of investigations
add069 Netherlands 27/07/1999 outcome of investigations
add070 Spain 28/07/1999 measures taken
add071 Belgium 28/07/1999 measures taken
add072 Belgium 29/07/1999 measures taken
add074 Belgium 30/07/1999 measures taken
add075 Spain 30/07/1999 measures taken
add073 Italy 02/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add076 Belgium 03/08/1999 measures taken
add077 Italy 04/08/1999 outcome of investigations
add078 Spain 10/08/1999 measures taken
add079 Italy 16/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add080 Denmark 23/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add081 Italy 26/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add082 Italy 27/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add083 Belgium 27/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add084 Italy 31/08/1999 additional lot(s)
add087 Italy 15/09/1999 additional lot(s)
add088 Spain 21/09/1999 additional lot(s)
add089 Italy 29/09/1999 additional lot(s)
add090 Belgium 01/10/1999 outcome of investigations
add091 Belgium 01/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add092 Belgium 01/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add093 Belgium 01/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add094 Belgium 01/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add095-1 Italy 01/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add096 Italy 04/10/1999 outcome of investigations
add097 Greece 05/10/1999 outcome of investigations
add098 Spain 12/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add095-2 Italy 13/10/1999 additional lot(s)
add099 Spain 19/11/1999 additional lot(s)
add100 Greece 25/11/1999 additional lot(s)
add101 Spain 15/12/1999 additional lot(s)
add102 Italy 03/01/2000 additional lot(s)
Substance / Hazard Category Analytical result Units Sampling date
dioxins environmental pollutants
Countries/organisations concerned (D = distribution, O = origin)
Austria  Belgium (O) Commission Services  Denmark  Finland  France  Germany  Greece  Iceland  Italy  Luxembourg  Netherlands  Portugal  Spain  United Kingdom