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Slovenia RASFF notifications: 9 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20171204 04/12/2017 2017.2095 France foodborne outbreak suspected (Salmonella Agona) to be caused by infant formula from France No Details
20180122 22/01/2018 2018.0161 Italy plastic fragments in yoghurt from Italy Yes more info Details
20180131 31/01/2018 2018.0256 Germany migration of lead (21.10 mg/kg - ppm) from hip flask set from China No Details
20180131 31/01/2018 2018.0264 Switzerland high content of vitamin B6 (recommended intake: 50-100 mg/day) in food supplement from the Netherlands No Details
20180201 01/02/2018 2018.0272 Netherlands presence of gluten (29.4; 30.4; 33.1 mg/kg - ppm) in gluten-free corn chips from Belgium Yes more info Details
20180206 06/02/2018 2018.0306 Austria risk of physical injury due to explosion of overpressurised bottles (yeast fermentation) containing non-alcoholic carbonated grape flavoured drink for children from unknown origin, via Hungary No Details
20180209 09/02/2018 2018.0348 Germany migration of cobalt (from 2.6 to 13 mg/l) from coffee and tea cups from China No Details
20180209 09/02/2018 2018.0350 Netherlands undeclared gluten in gluten-free corn chips from Belgium Yes more info Details
20180216 16/02/2018 2018.0419 Slovenia migration of cadmium (0.11; 0.04 mg/kg - ppm) from enamel cookware from Indonesia No Details