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National consumers website: Sweden

Sweden RASFF notifications: 11 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20190204 04/02/2019 2019.0381 United Kingdom high content of vitamin D in canned dog food from the United States Yes more info Details
20190222 22/02/2019 2019.0701 Germany Salmonella (presence /25g) in sesame paste from Lebanon, via the Netherlands No Details
20190226 26/02/2019 2019.0748 Sweden Listeria monocytogenes (presence /25g) in chilled sliced fennel salami from Italy, processed in Sweden No Details
20190226 26/02/2019 2019.0753 Sweden traces of egg in frozen meatballs from Sweden No Details
20190304 04/03/2019 2019.0861 Sweden unauthorised placing on the market of valerian root extract (Valeriana officinalis) from the United States, via the United Kingdom No Details
20190305 05/03/2019 2019.0876 Spain prohibited substance rum ether in powdered cherry flavoured candies from Spain No Details
20190311 11/03/2019 2019.0926 Sweden gluten, sesame oil, soya and mustard undeclared on noodles with beef and soy sauce incorrectly packaged as noodles with shrimps and curry from the Netherlands Yes more info Details
20190311 11/03/2019 2019.0931 United Kingdom glass fragments in tandoori marinade paste from the United Kingdom No Details
20190312 12/03/2019 2019.0941 Sweden milk ingredient undeclared on soft marshmallow with chocolate coating from Germany Yes Details
20190321 21/03/2019 2019.1067 Sweden strawberry, grape and banana smoothie bowl from France infested with moulds No Details
20190322 22/03/2019 2019.1080 Sweden froosh peach, passion fruit and vanilla smoothie bowls from France infested with moulds No Details