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Norway RASFF notifications: 9 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20171101 01/11/2017 2017.1820 Czech Republic migration of cadmium (0.78 mg/item) and of lead (8.7 mg/item) from set of glasses from China, via Germany No Details
20171102 02/11/2017 2017.1823 Denmark plastic fragments in chocolates from Denmark Yes more info Details
20171114 14/11/2017 2017.1950 Norway high count of Escherichia coli (>1500 CFU/g) in fresh piper lolot from Cambodia, via Vietnam Yes more info Details
20171114 14/11/2017 2017.1951 Norway high count of Escherichia coli (>1500 CFU/g) in fresh peppermint from Cambodia, via Vietnam No Details
20171117 17/11/2017 2017.1978 Germany explosion of bottles containing refreshment drink from Germany No Details
20171122 22/11/2017 2017.2015 Netherlands amitraz (0.51 mg/kg - ppm) and unauthorised substance propargite (0.14 mg/kg - ppm) in dried goji berries from China No Details
20171201 01/12/2017 2017.2081 Germany Salmonella enterica ser. Dibra (presence /25g) in shredded oregano from Turkey No Details
20171204 04/12/2017 2017.2092 Netherlands unauthorised novel food ingredient tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) in food supplement from the United States No Details
20171211 11/12/2017 2017.2146 Denmark high content of zinc (0,0025 g/100 kcal) in food supplements from Switzerland, France and unknown origin No Details