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Netherlands RASFF notifications: 7 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20171017 17/10/2017 2017.1674 Slovakia migration of formaldehyde (171.3; 159.3 mg/kg - ppm) from bamboo fibre bowl from China, via Germany No Details
20171201 01/12/2017 2017.2081 Germany Salmonella enterica ser. Dibra (presence /25g) in shredded oregano from Turkey No Details
20171204 04/12/2017 2017.2095 France foodborne outbreak suspected (Salmonella Agona) to be caused by infant formula from France No Details
20171219 19/12/2017 2017.2171 Netherlands unauthorised colour Sudan 4 (50 µg/kg - ppb) in palm oil from Ghana No Details
20171219 19/12/2017 2017.2178 Sweden suspicion of botulinum toxin in dried beef from Sweden No Details
20171230 30/12/2017 2017.2249 Germany Listeria monocytogenes (20 CFU/g) in cooked chicken snack from Germany Yes more info Details
20180102 02/01/2018 2018.0002 Italy Listeria monocytogenes (present /25g) in frozen organic pumpkin and carrot cream from Italy No Details