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Italy RASFF notifications: 8 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20170516 16/05/2017 2017.0657 France high content of zinc (32 mg/day) in food supplement from Canada, via the Netherlands No Details
20170628 28/06/2017 2017.0920 Slovenia polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH4: 16.8 µg/kg - ppb) in organic hemp seed oil from the United Kingdom No Details
20170703 03/07/2017 2017.0950 Italy foodborne outbreak caused by histamine (up to 1860 mg/kg - ppm) in frozen vacuum-packed yellowfin tuna loins (Thunnus albacares) from Spain No Details
20170706 06/07/2017 2017.0971 France Listeria monocytogenes (44000 CFU/g) in raw milk goat's cheese from France No Details
20170710 10/07/2017 2017.1001 Germany high content of iodine (130 mg/kg - ppm) in dried algae from South Korea, via Austria and via the Netherlands No Details
20170714 14/07/2017 2017.1029 Czech Republic unauthorised substance sildenafil (48.4 mg/item) in food supplement from the United States, via Hungary and (30.5 mg/item) in food supplement from the Czech Republic with raw material from China No Details
20170718 18/07/2017 2017.1050 Italy Salmonella (presence /10g) in chilled seasoned sausages from Italy Yes more info Details
20170719 19/07/2017 2017.1055 Italy Listeria monocytogenes (serotype 1/2b) in frozen sushi grade tilapia fillets from Taiwan, via Germany No Details