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Italy RASFF notifications: 8 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20171229 29/12/2017 2017.2236 Sweden Garcinia cambogia Desr (daily dose: 1250, 1500 mg) in food supplement from unknown origin No Details
20180813 13/08/2018 2018.2296 France foodborne outbreak suspected to be caused by Salmonella (presence /25g) in raw milk goat's cheese from France No Details
20180823 23/08/2018 2018.2406 Netherlands Salmonella in organic cardamom powder from Guatemala No Details
20180828 28/08/2018 2018.2433 France Listeria monocytogenes (120; 90; 110 CFU/g) in coppa from Italy No Details
20180829 29/08/2018 2018.2444 Italy sulphite undeclared in raisins covered with dark chocolate from Italy Yes more info Details
20180829 29/08/2018 2018.2452 Germany glass fragments in cup noodles from Hungary, with raw material from the Netherlands No Details
20180831 31/08/2018 2018.2465 Austria high content of iodine (4.995; 4.387 mg/kg - ppm) in dried seaweed from South Korea, via Japan and via Germany No Details
20180911 11/09/2018 2018.2555 Italy possible presence of poisonous mushrooms (Amanita spp.) in dried porcini mushrooms from Italy No Details