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Ireland RASFF notifications: 8 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20200603 03/06/2020 2020.2286 Germany chlorpyrifos (0.067), cypermethrin (0.21), metalaxyl (0.029), lufenuron (0.1), propiconazole (0.038), tebuconazole (0.24), thiophanate-methyl (9.3), lambda-cyhalothrin (0.32), thiamethoxam (0.032), indoxacarb (0.3), dimethomorph (0.17), teflubenzuron (0.087), difenoconazole (0.38), azoxystrobin (0.48), trifloxystrobin (0.58), boscalid (1.2) and pyraclostrobin (0.08) and unauthorised substance carbendazim (2.1) in pickled grape leaves from Egypt Yes more info Details
20200605 05/06/2020 2020.1732 Germany illegal import and unsuitable organoleptic characteristics (petrol smell) of brown beans from Nigeria, via the Netherlands No Details
20200605 05/06/2020 2020.2322 Germany suspicion of illegal import of dried beans from Nigeria and Togo No Details
20200608 08/06/2020 2020.2338 Denmark suffocation risk as a result of the consumption of and E 407 - carrageenan unauthorised in mini jelly cups from Taiwan, via the Netherlands Yes more info Details
20200611 11/06/2020 2020.2393 United Kingdom metal pieces in breadsticks from Greece Yes more info Details
20200613 13/06/2020 2020.2432 United Kingdom hotdog products from the United Kingdom with defective packaging (faulty seal) Yes more info Details
20200617 17/06/2020 2020.2502 United Kingdom potential growth of Clostridium botulinum in cheese spreads from the United Kingdom Yes more info Details
20200625 25/06/2020 2020.2603 Poland Salmonella enterica ser. Amsterdam (presence /25g) and Salmonella enterica ser. Livingstone (presence /25g) in hulled sesame seeds from India, packaged in Poland No Details