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Croatia RASFF notifications: 5 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20180802 02/08/2018 2018.2211 Germany plastic fragments in canned chopped tomatoes in tomato juice with basil from Italy No Details
20180817 17/08/2018 2018.2324 Germany migration of formaldehyde (290 mg/kg - ppm) and of melamine (9.3 mg/kg - ppm) from tumbler cups from China No Details
20181109 09/11/2018 2018.3233 Germany metal wire fragments (2 cm) in organic chocolate bars with coconut from Germany Yes more info Details
20181115 15/11/2018 2018.3298 Slovenia unauthorised substance sildenafil (<0.0018 ; <0.0035 mg/item) in food supplements from the United Kingdom, produced in China Yes more info Details
20181120 20/11/2018 2018.3350 Germany migration of melamine (2.7 mg/dmĀ²) from children's plate declared to be made from maize and bamboo from China, via Belgium No Details