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National consumers website: United Kingdom

United Kingdom RASFF notifications: 13 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20180302 02/03/2018 2018.0554 Netherlands canned coffee from Italy with defective packaging (valve missing) No Details
20180323 23/03/2018 2018.0798 United Kingdom insufficient labelling (nuts not mentioned in the ingredients list) of Turkish delights from Turkey Yes more info Details
20180323 23/03/2018 2018.0801 United Kingdom undeclared mustard and celery in curry powder from South Africa Yes more info Details
20180326 26/03/2018 2018.0805 Finland Salmonella enterica ser. Agona (present /25g) in turmeric powder from India, via the United Kingdom No Details
20180403 03/04/2018 2018.0890 United Kingdom coagulase-positive Staphylococcus (25000; 200000 CFU/g) in cheese from Poland No Details
20180404 04/04/2018 2018.0892 United Kingdom undeclared sulphite in dried mangoes from the Philippines Yes more info Details
20180404 04/04/2018 2018.0895 Sweden Salmonella (presence /25g) in chilled beef from the Netherlands No Details
20180405 05/04/2018 2018.0901 Belgium glass fragments in bottled beer from Belgium No Details
20180405 05/04/2018 2018.0912 France monoethylene glycol (MEG) (leaking from air conditioning) in cheese with walnuts from France No Details
20180405 05/04/2018 2018.0920 Ireland undeclared sulphite (36 mg/kg - ppm) in beer mustard from Poland Yes more info Details
20180412 12/04/2018 2018.0969 United Kingdom undeclared soya (soya lecithin) in ice cream from the United States Yes more info Details
20180412 12/04/2018 2018.0980 United Kingdom organic gluten free porridge flakes packaged in the Netherlands infested with insects No Details
20180420 20/04/2018 2018.1089 United Kingdom Salmonella in grated coconut from the Philippines Yes more info Details