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France RASFF notifications: 7 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20190321 21/03/2019 2019.1073 Sweden sesame undeclared on carrot and dill hummus from Greece, via Denmark No Details
20190322 22/03/2019 2019.1103 Belgium wheat (only "breadcrumbs" labelled) undeclared on olive paste from Italy No Details
20190403 03/04/2019 2019.1251 France Listeria monocytogenes (10 CFU/g) in Coulommiers from France No Details
20190404 04/04/2019 2019.1294 Belgium migration of melamine (13.91 mg/kg - ppm) from children plates from China No Details
20190409 09/04/2019 2019.1328 France shigatoxin-producing Escherichia coli (O26 stx+ eae+) in raw milk goat's cheese from France No Details
20190409 09/04/2019 2019.1333 Luxembourg Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk Brie de Meaux cheese from France No Details
20190411 11/04/2019 2019.1380 United Kingdom gluten (oats) undeclared on food supplement from the United Kingdom No Details