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Estonia RASFF notifications: 6 results

Date Reference Notified by Subject Published More info  
20180126 26/01/2018 2018.0216 Finland Listeria monocytogenes (140 CFU/g) in frozen corn from Hungary, packaged in Poland No Details
20180516 16/05/2018 2018.1347 Netherlands sulphite (40 mg/kg - ppm) undeclared in organic chlorella and spirulina powder from China, via the United Kingdom No Details
20180612 12/06/2018 2018.1636 Germany unauthorised genetically modified (maize 3272) pre-cooked yellow cornmeal from the United States, via the Netherlands Yes more info Details
20180620 20/06/2018 2018.1717 Norway thiophanate-methyl (2.8 mg/kg - ppm) in apples from Argentina, via the Netherlands No Details
20180630 30/06/2018 2018.1836 Netherlands risk of physical injury due to caps/lids blown off of overpressurised containing bottles containing kombucha from France Yes more info Details
20180712 12/07/2018 2018.1977 Poland consumer recall of frozen vegetables from Poland in relation to a multi-country foodborne outbreak Yes more info Details