The Partnership on Public procurement aims to push forward the development and implementation of an ambitious procurement strategy as an integrated and supportive management tool for governance. Using Public Procurement and the Procurement of Innovation as a strategic management tool, cities can increase significantly the positive impact on their social and environmental objectives.


When procurement strategies are well aligned in an overall management strategy, procurement has the potential to contribute as a catalyst at all levels of the multi-level governance in the EU Urban Agenda.


The Partnership on Public procurement brings together urban authorities (Haarlem, Gabrovo, Larvik, Nantes, Preston, Vantaa), a Member State (Italy), observers and associations (CEMR, EUROCITIES, URBACT) and the European Commission (DG REGIO and DG GROW).


A number of Working groups (three in total) have been established in order to better structure the Partnership’s work. Each working group will conduct research, analysis and will prepare solutions that can be transposed into draft Actions for the Action Plan. Indeed, the Partnership will identify and develop actions that can be taken up at local, national and EU level.   


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