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    Chalmers University of Technology

    In this project we want to lay the technological foundations for a topological insulator-based device that can realize the SI Ampere. An accurate charge pump that can operate at temperatures and magnetic fields achievable using affordable table-top systems would be of immediate use in the realization of the Ampere.

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    Our mission is to make musicality as common as literacy. Learning to play music used to be difficult for most people, but now every second of every day someone new from around the world starts playing an instrument with Yousician.

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    Skeleton Technologies

    Skeleton Technologies is cooking an ultracapacitor industry revolution with 4X the power density and 3X energy density, which will save 30% and more in grid energy storage, automotive applications, public transport, industrial solutions, etc.

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    Space Structures

    Looking for an ultra-lighweight and dimensionally stable strut/rod to link two points? Our SpaceStrut is the solution: a fully integral carbon-fibre reinforced polymer strut/rod developed for demanding space - and terrestial - applications. Its advanced manufacturing approach eliminates the traditional laborious bonding processes and use of exotic materials for metal end fittings.

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    In the context of the 4th UIA Call for Proposals, 175 proposals were submitted, from 23 Member States, of which 20 were selected due to their innovative approaches, and capacity to establish strong...