• Jude CAREY, Iarnród Éireann – Irish Rail
  • Raymond GEURTS, ProRail

Created: Decision of PRIME 1, 28 January 2014

Purpose of the subgroup is to agree on key performance indicators to be used as a foundation for performance benchmarking and for best practice exchange. The ultimate goal is to improve the performance of rail infrastructure managers and render their services more customer friendly. The exercise is not to perform a ranking of IMs by individual KPIs, but rather to develop a comprehensive overview of how different IMs function and where there is scope for mutual learning.

The general objective for the project is developing a sustainable, competitive infrastructure management business which provides high quality services, as expected by operators.

The group has a work plan and regular meetings.

Key principles of work are:

  • focus on business development for the infrastructure managers.
  • keep it simple.
  • clear definitions.
  • avoid duplication of existing work.

The subgroup is preparing yearly benchmarking reports:

The indicators agreed by the group are presented in the

Given that the group continues discussing and testing the indicators, the content of the catalogue is currently 'work in progress'.