Chair: Harald Reisinger, Rail Net Europe

Created: Decision of PRIME 15, 18 November 2019

The objective of this subgroup is to identify gaps in the IT landscape, focusing on ongoing national and international IT activities and how these interact with existing RNE tools. From an operational perspective, the fragmentation in data and IT adds complexity and inefficiency in the rail sector. This subgroup therefore aims to:

  1. Contribute to optimising European digital solutions for rail capacity management across borders:
  • To increase capacity utilisation and efficiency of Infrastructure Managers in allocating and managing that capacity.
  • To better respond to customer needs (flexibility, reliability and predictability), both in the planning and operational phases of rail traffic. 
  1. Contribute to optimising European digital solutions for traffic management across borders:
  • To improve traffic management between Infrastructure Managers.  
  • To increase the quality of real-time information on train running, ETA and train composition in a trusted and secure environment and in close cooperation with Railway Undertakings, in compliance with the TAF/TAP framework.
  1. Contribute to optimising European digital solutions for Infrastructure Data:
  • To provide a regular and quantitative monitoring of the performance of cross-border rail traffic in order to assess the IT landscape supporting capacity and traffic management.