SNCF Réseau promotes the results of the PRIME Benchmarking work

SNCF Réseau organised a meeting (20 September, 2019, Paris) to present the results of the PRIME Benchmarking work


The idea was to present PRIME generally and in particular its work in benchmarking the performance of European rail infrastructure managers. Invited were French rail regulatory body ARAFER, French RUs / clients of SNCF Réseau, LISEA, French ministry in charge of transportation, SNCF administration, PRIME KPI subgroup members. There were in total around 50 participants and all gave a positive feed-back about the information given and format of the event. Transparency, sharing and communications were a key points during this meeting.


The focus was on costs, quality of service (with intervention of Lisea) and utilisation of network, where the results of SNCF Réseau were presented in comparison to other European IMs. In addition, ProRail, the Dutch rail infrastructure manager shared its benchmarking experience. Stakeholders present had an opportunity to ask questions about PRIME benchmarking.


Presenters were Alain Quinet (PRIME industry co-chair & DGD SNCF Réseau), Maurizio Castelletti (European Commission), Julien Brunel (head of economic studies at SNCF Réseau), Paul Mazataud (Director of International Affairs, SNCF Réseau), Patrick Pressard (Director of Operations , LISEA), Cécile Cheze (Costs analysis unit, SNCF Réseau), Justus Hartkamp (International Affairs, ProRail).

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