PRIME members are proud to share the 2nd PRIME Benchmarking report

PRIME 2017 benchmarking report has been produced based on 2012-2017 data from 15 organisations, accompanied by assessment of data completeness and robustness. It includes 49 selected indicators in various performance dimensions, such as punctuality, costs, resilience, sustainable development and safety.


It provides also first assessment of KPI correlations, qualitative relationships between KPIs and potential performance drivers in the different dimensions. The purpose of this report is to illustrate the current performance of rail infrastructure and identify areas for further analysis.

The work initiated and carried out by the Infrastructure Managers with the support of the European Commission is, above all, an internal benchmarking exercise, with the aim of learning from each other in order to reduce operating costs and increase performance of the rail infrastructure managers for the benefit of the customer. The public version of the benchmarking work prepared by PRIME members provides information and food for thought to stakeholders, researchers, economists and policy makers. Above all, the general objective for the project is to deliver insight and inspiration for better decisions on developing a sustainable and competitive infrastructure management which provides high quality services.

Thanks to the strong commitment of a large number of Infrastructure Managers, it was possible to produce the second PRIME Benchmarking report in an efficient and transparent manner. PRIME remains committed to continue and develop this work by fostering accountability, transparency and, ultimately - performance.